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BBS Software

For want of a better place to put this post, here seems as good a place as any.

Over the past week or so while beating the drum regarding the Thor news/mail and BBS client, it got me thinking.

One area of amiga software preservation that seems to have fallen off the radar completely is old school BBS server software.

I have noticed a few like amiexpress appearing in the Tosec archive, but it certainly doesnt account for most of the software.

The aminet archive, while containing a lot of BBS doors software, the core products re often missing. There are a few sites on the net that contain lists of old BBS server apps but not specific to the amiga and where software is held on a 3rd party site, as time goes by , more and more broken links appear.

I think as an excerise in archiving an important part of the Amiga's history, if only for people to occasionally set up noddy BBSs just to see what this old time software was like, through to people that might like to set up small time telnet based BBSs etc. I personally think it would be a worthwile exercise.

My first ideas on this was to build up an archive of installable BBS systems, any source code if we can lay our hands on it and any public keys that are available; if required and if necessary trying to track down authors if approval is required. The primary purpose would be to archive rather than promote future developement of any of the systems, However if someone wants to play with any sourcecode we can make available, good luck to them.

I would be interested in hearing other people's views on this and the worthiness of the exercise.

Now the reasoning for placing the post here is that in the process of doing this if it gets off the ground, it might need people digging into their software collections to hunt out BBS related stuff they might have.

It would also require the picking of brains of any oldtimer sysops out there. A bit like interviewing old timer war veterans to get their stories and advice on this strain of software down for the benefit of all before they die of old age

I would be interested in hearing other people's views on this and the merits of the exercise and anyone that might like to contribute.
If the response is positive, then and only then will I start looking for (beg) for resources :-)
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I think ya mad as a maggot...

I used to run many bbs's but not for very long... i.e. I'd get another package and config it all run it for a few months then go onto another...

I liked the mental exercise...

I think Maxs in the end was my favourite, these days I compile muds, muds I think lend themselves to BBSs more than the proper software... anyway...

of course, always had a softspot for AmiXpress... since
I used to call enough of the damn things :P

there ya go
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I used to run a BBS from around 1998-2000 using MaxxsPro. Maxxspro was an update to maxxs and was done by nikki murkett. He patched the standard maxxs software with loads of new features

I also started programming some doors etc and also a utility that would convert archives from one format to another once uploaded, extract the .diz and .nfo files for display etc.. Though I never did get it finished!

I have actually got my BBS on CD somewhere backed up
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I used daydream BBS software... worked great.. Daydream was an easy version of AmiExpress.
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hmm how do you assess if a maggo is mad or not ??

Now that Ive got some of the old timer sysops coming out of the woodwork, do you think there is any value to the exercise ?
Or do you think that the BBS software of old should be left to web and disk rot and to disappear without trace.

I think its worthwhile even if most of the ppl that take an interest are installing the systems just to have a play and see how it used to be in the dark days or even old BBSers that are just curious as to what the software was that was typically driving the amiga BBSs they used.

Your thoughts please gents. Or am I as mad as a maggot as slayer suggests

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I have deleted my BBS
Intel Outside BBS was it called
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I ran a BBS from 1990-1993 on AmiExpress and SigmaExpress. I have a couple of CDs that are a backup of it but unfortunately PCs could not (at that time?) preserve the proper file architecture (ie pure bits and so forth and zero byte files) so it doesn't quite work if loaded into WinUAE.

If I had time and patience and a little help I'd get a fully working "scene" BBS back for educational purposes
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