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WinUAE 0.8.21r4 - Anyone have save states working?

I have the emulator up with AIAB and am playing games... everything working reasonably well, but save states don't seem to work.

When I attempt to load a state, I tend to get either an emulator crash (which may or may not lock the machine) or a simple reset (as if I had rebooted the emulator).

Anyone have this working?
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It works when you choose to set up WinUAE with a small amount of memory and no Jit emulation. I've tested it with an "A500 setup", so small amount of RAM and No JIT, and loading games from floppy; savestates then reload correctly.

Running WHDLoad games from a fully fledged Workbench with RTG, large amount of RAM and JIT gives me the same experience as you have; then snapshotting and reloading tends to kill WinUAE...
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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It seems this is becoming a faq...

Save states only support unexpanded Amiga configurations.
(No picasso96, harddrives, z3 ram etc...)
Toni Wilen is online now  
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Lightbulb thanks and thanks!

Makes sense actually. It's too bad what I'm doing can't easily translate to the "unexpanded" configuration.

Thank you both for responding!

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