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'ripple' scrolling in some games

i notice a few vertical scrolling games like battle squadron have a ripple efect on the scrolling (it cud be some form of screen tear?), ive tried all settings but can not emulate the silky smooth scrolling of the original.this also happens on some horiz scrolling games, whilst some,like apidya,are spot on.

can anyone enlighten me as to this 'ripple' scrolling, its baffling me.
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go to display properties - settings - advanced - your gfx card - direct 3D - more direct 3D - synchronization switch to 'always on'
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Old 06 April 2009, 00:10   #3
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The stuttering and/or tearing in the moving graphics is a result of the display frequency of your screen not matching that of your emulated Amiga.
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ok folks, ive discovered what the problem is,

its turning any kind of filter on, in other words even just ticking the enable box in filter settings causes battle squadron to ripple scroll. leaving this box unticked results in silky smooth scrolling.

this is a pity cos i like to use the filter settings to stretch games to fit the screen perfectly, but unfortunately this can screw up some games,ie,battle squadron.

im using latest winuae, but this prob occured on all previous versions i tried (but obviously i did not try every past winuae, maybe a version exists that does not exhibit this prob?)
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That sounds like a performance problem to me. What specs has the PC you run WinUAE on?
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You have to use a 50HZ video mode and fullscreen+vsync mode (in Winuae graphic options) to archieve exact and perfect smooth vido emulation of the Amiga chipset-banging games.

The problem is that graphic card controllers don't include any 50Hz modes by default, so you've to define them with other tools (powerstrip, dtd calculator if you're into Intel crap, etc...)

But silk-smooth graphics are possible, that's for sure.
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Old 07 April 2009, 16:57   #7
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i think it may not be a performance prob (3.2 p4), it seems to be a anomaly that only occurs when stretching the screen, or even applying any kind of filter (even just enabling the filter checkbox).

cud someone replicate this please, just load battle squadron with a basic config (not even ticking enable filters box), see the perfect scrolling, then enable filters (maybe even stretch the screen a bit, although just even ticking the enable box messes up the scrolling for me),

then go back to the game and notice a ripple effect on the scrolling.i wud be interested if anyone experiences no effect (ive had it on 3 different pcs)
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At a guess you ae using some resolution that doesn't scale nicely - so some Amiga lines will be say 2 pixels high at your resolution and others might be 3 pixels high!

Its quite noticable with the score matrix in Pinball Fantasies etc where the squares won't be the same height and the gaps between them may also be different!
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Toni Wilen
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