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PAL-Mode without scaling

I own a media-pc with via cl266 chipset (unichrome) connected to a normal TV.Screen-resolution is 720x576 16bit / scanline.I noticed around 10 scaling artefacts where are the scanlines are closer together eachother.Is it possible to disable this kind of screenscaling?btw.chipset driver dosnt support opengl and cpu-power is very low.(celeron 850 mhz, 512 MB memory, win xp, competition pro usb)

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If your TV is a normal PAL TV, u don't need WinUAE PAL Filter
(provided your TV accepts composite input).
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Toni Wilen
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It is your display card that does the scaling. WinUAE scales nothing (as long as filters are not used and aspect ratio checkbox is not ticked)

I guess only solution is to create custom resolution that has exact same resolution as "TV-out resolution".
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I´ll take a photo this evening ...
( Some quick instructions for pic-uploading on eab, anyone? )
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Graham Humphrey
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When you reply, you can click on the "Manage Attachments" button and upload your pic as an, er, attachment.

Alternatively you could use an image-hosting site such as ImageShack and copy the link it gives you to the pic into your reply.
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Floppy disk

Our media-pc with dualboot-config.Celeron 850 with cl266 chipset (onboard unichrom graphic) 512MB mem 200GB hdd, LG DL-DVD, cardreader, Technisat SkyStar2 sat-receiver cardRunning WinXP (SP3) from a 20GB partitionand EasyVDR 0.6 - distribution.

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are you sure, that there is no hw-scaling?
i have to ask again, because i noticed that "windowed" indicates 568 scanlines, while fullscreen shows 576 lines.

system update: celeron 850 changed against PentiumIII-S 1,4GHz and memory changed from 512MB to 1GB
smooth entertainment ....
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Those could be scaling artifacts caused by the video card or interference, neither of which have anything to do with WinUAE. Try a testcard to confirm whether or not it is the graphics adapter.
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@Ratte: From my experience, I'm afraid it's the TV thing.
I get those lines most of the times on one TV (Spectra 21") and some of the times (mostly in NTSC mode) on other TV (Lexus 21", IIRC a Philips license/scheme build in Poland) with anything (alright, tried this only with a PlayStation and an Amiga, but this can't be the input-device doing) in AV mode.

Want to get rid of it, at least partially?
Take of your TV's back cover, take a good look at the "motherboard", find the square "screws" (technical term is... ? ), get a thin screwdriver and... tune like you've never tuned before!

It is fixable in some way, you've got to tune those three values: the contrast, the brightness and screen height.
From my experience, try to lower those three a bit.

Remember that the TV's "mobo" has some "screws" (and again, what's the tech term? ) in multiple places, sometimes assigned to do the same thing as the other, so be sure to check them all.

Pardon my lack of techno-english on this one, maybe someone actually did understand my mambo-jambo and had solved similar problems, so he/she could describe it better...
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