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How to use HRTmon and AR on winuae

Does anyone have instructions on how to use the AR alike debugger/monitor winuae comes with (HRT monitor) and also how to hack ADF files using HRT monitor in this emu (i.e create binary files and linked multistage files, for adf images that load extra data, i.e. chaos engine, armalyte etc)

I would also like some instructions on how to use the various AR (Action replay) images on win uae, including instructions on how to use the features of AR (incl. the debugger/monitor)

I am also interested in using AR in winaue to hack adf images (as per the subject mentioned in Hrt monitor) so if someone can help here as well, much appreciated

p.s i don't do the 68k coding thing...sorry
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Originally Posted by carmel_andrews
p.s i don't do the 68k coding thing...sorry
Then I'd say your wasting everyones time.
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2 contact me: email only!

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Originally Posted by musashi5150
Then I'd say your wasting everyones time.
I'd have to agree. If you cannot follow assembler code, I cannot see what use it would be hacking binary files and linked multistage files (whatever that means).

Are you sure you don't mean using AR/HRTMon to train games for infinite lives? I would say that's about the most you can expect to do without ASM knowledge.
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In respect to ‘musashi5150s' comments

I didn’t say I wasn’t willing to LEARN 68000 coding, just I don’t do it at the moment

Boy talk about getting the wrong end of the proverbial stick

And with an answer or attitude like that is it no surprise the DWINDLING state of the Amiga user/fan base is DWINDLING even further, to the point where you couldn’t even call it ‘underground’ anymore

Perhaps because of your lack of understanding of the subject, you perhaps OVERLOOKED the fact that by learning how to ‘hack’ the games by looking at other peoples ‘code’, I will be LEARNING how to program in the 68k thing

Perhaps your limited intelligence isn’t advanced enough to understand that

But thanks for your answer anyway and for turning me away from any interest I had in the Amiga

Still, as the saying goes….to each his or her own

In regards to codetapper remarks, no, i aint interested in 'training' games
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Originally Posted by carmel_andrews
...your lack of understanding of the subject...
Originally Posted by carmel_andrews
...your limited intelligence isn’t advanced enough to understand that...
You have no idea who we are
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No need for insulting these guys, it would have been probably better if you said that you're willing to learn ASM in your initial post. And from my experience musashi5150 (and I guess Codetapper is the same) is a really nice and helpful guy (as are most members) who makes me proud being a part of this community.

Anyway, I think it would be probably better if you learn the basics first from books or tutorials, then continue to the more advanced things you mentioned.

The ARIII manual is in the zone (read the FAQ on how to access it), a guide for using HRTMon can be found in the original HRTMon archive: http://www.whdload.de/whdload/Tools/
Btw. WinUAE has a built-in debugger too (Shift-F12)

For some tutorials i.e. for cracking games have a look here: http://www.flashtro.com/list.php?c=crack
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Let's all be happy!

Hello carmel_andrews, welcome to EAB.
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@carmel_andrews - Massive rant! Take a deep breath and calm down... There's plenty of people here who can help you out if you're interested in learning some 68k - musashi5150 himself being one of the main people who's helped me.

To answer your initial questions directly:

HRTMon is very similar to AR3 so probably the best place to start is to get hold of the AR3 manual - I can upload it to the zone if you need it - and go from there. Both also display some basic usage information when you press the 'Help' key too.

You can certainly learn some things by using these tools to disassemble other people's code but it would be good to get a hold of the basics first so that you can understand some, even if not all, of what you see.

Grab yourself a cheap secondhand book like '68000 Primer' published by SAMS (ISBN: 0-672-22405-4) and have a read of this perhaps alongside looking at some commented source codes. Just keep expanding your knowledge bit by bit. It might take a while to get to the stage of doing the things you initially wanted to do, like hacking games etc., but each journey begins with a single step...
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Whoa ...: carmel... not so fast...

First of all, you do not need to 'hack' adf files... you can just edit them. It takes some skills and requires ASM knowldege. And there is a help command in HRT monitor... use the Help key, every command is explained well

Depending on what you want to do, there are several programs you may want to get hold of:

Cygnus Editor

If you want to load AR saved files, you need a DOS formatted disk / adf image (Winuae can create), save the file there using ARIII then create a startup sequence etc.
Just keep in mind, AR saved images require exactly the same machine configuration which was during save process, otherwise it will crash.

But, with you being so short tempered, I bet you smash your computer before you get any real results with 'hacking ADF files with ARIII'... when you say this, I somehow imagine some 1337 n00b saying 'hacking .doc files with Microsoft Word'...

To precisely answer your question on 'how to hack ADF files with ARIII', I have to say it is as impossible as to hack .xls files with Excel. Why do you need to hack? Just edit and save......
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