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Rudy Schokkaert
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Amiga 3000 upgrading with Kickstart 3.1

I have an A3000 (motherboard Rev 7.0) in which there are Kickroms 2.04.
These roms are plugged in a Rom tower (U182).

I tried to replace the 2 kickroms 2.04 by 2 brand new kickroms 3.1 but my computer keeps telling me that there is an error "Software failure Press left mouse key".

I also tried to put the kickroms in the sockets U180 and U181 but that won't help either.

Can anyone help me ?
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Welcome to the EAB - I hope you enjoy your stay here

3.1 not working in your A3000 - unfair.

From memory older mobo revisions used a rom-tower on occasion. Do you know what specific rev yours is? (high-res pictures of mobo + close-up of tower with 3.1 rom's fitted may help - links & orientation). AFAIK you should swap the roms (retaining the tower) as you have done not plug direct into the mobo...
...annoyingly not all such mobo's will accept 3.1 roms no matter what you do - I hope your's isn't one of those.

Possibly dumb suggestions:
Sure the 3.1 Roms you have are A3000 specific? (it does matter)
Sure the replacement roms are in the correct sockets? (probably)
Sure the replacement roms are in the correct orientation? (probably)
Bent pins?
'Shagged' sockets?

What other specs does your A3000 have?
If you have an '040 (C=3640 card) it may be worth checking jumper settings on the mobo.
J100: 3-4
J102: 2-3
J103: 1-2
J104: 2-3
The '1'-Position is where the printed arrow head is.
Are what I believe to be the 'correct' settings with '040 & 3.1.

Hmmm, what else..?
RAMSEY and DMAC chips esp in v old A3000's are a bit marginal with the SCSI interface (especially with the above '040 card).
It's conceivable if you are using a SCSI HDD that the change of rom has pushed that out of spec - but then you'd just have no HDD, probably.

I hope the above helps.
On the info available my 'best guess' is either you've been supplied with the wrong 3.1 roms or you have an A3000 that won't work with 3.1 roms...
...the former is easy (if annoying to remedy), the latter - you're stuck.*

*You can always soft-kick 3.1 so all is not necessarily lost.

There are members of this forum who know far more on this subject than me. If I'm not helping somebody probably will.

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Thalion Webshrine
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Are you sure they are A3000 versions?

Are they ROMS or EPROMS?

Are you sure they are the type that requires the ROM TOWER? There are two types of A3000 ROMS.

What CPU card have you got?
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