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BLITZ with Assembly

Hello to all,

I've been programming in Blitz for some time (mainly games and
simple demos) and I've taken a leap further and I'm learning

Certainly calling the commands via TOKEJSR putting the parameters
in the CPU registers (first param in D0, second in D1, etc) works
with normal commands but with the Display.library they give many
errors. For example with DisplaySprite you can control the Y pos,
sprite channel, image, Coplist number but the X position does not
recognize it. And other commands have the same problem.

BLITZ is a very fast language but I think that with routines in
assembler controlling the most complex aspects the results would
be much better. You already know: Blitz for file loading tasks,
creation of graphics, sounds, etc. and assembler in the main loop.
I don't know, I'm asking too much ..

In the manual it says that a list with the TOKENS used with the
TOKEJSR command would be published (at the time) along with
their syntax but I have not been able to find it. If anyone had
any information about it, I would be very grateful

Thank you so much for your attention. Greetings
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