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Impact A2000-HC / HC+8 Series II

Hi Everybody,

I am putting an Amiga 2000 in my shop so that I can test SCSI hard drives and disk drives before I sell them on eBay. I want to install an Impact A2000-HC / HC+8 Series II board into that Amiga 2000. I noticed that it has an external 25-pin SCSI port. I would like to hook up my test fixture to this port so I can test hard drives. Do I need to de-solder the two terminator resister packs that are near the internal 50-pin connector in order to use the external port? On the A2091A they have to be removed. I was just wondering if that was true for this card as well.
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Black Lives Matter

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Hard to believe that "a Class 4 Electronics Assembler and a Class 4 Mechanical Assembler" that "worked for Commodore" cannot figure it out on his own.
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Originally Posted by Akira
Hard to believe that "a Class 4 Electronics Assembler and a Class 4 Mechanical Assembler" that "worked for Commodore" cannot figure it out on his own.
Hi Akira,

Just because I am a Class 4 Assembler and I use to work for Commodore does not mean that I know everything. Besides, this is not a Commodore board, it is a GVP board.

With a bad attitude like yours, how did you ever become a "SuperMod"?! Many people here, including myself, are getting tired of your smart remarks. Are you the owner of this English Amiga Board? I am just trying to figure out why a lot of these other folks are putting up with your crap or they just plain suckup to you. Well, I will not. I would appreciate it if you would keep you smart remarks to yourself. Thanks in advance.

The DoomMaster
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DoomMaster you will find you come here with a bad reputation from other boards!!

You also do seem to be quite arrogant etc... I am not wanting to start a flame, but Akira has made a legit point, there should be enough info on the web to find this for yourself (don't ask me though I am thick as shite!!)
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Black Lives Matter

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Dear Doommaster,

You will find that your petty attitude is not apreciated, and not only here, but on the other many boards you have "infected" and from where you have been banned.
So please get off your horse and behave, as I told you, you will not be allowed to play your game over here.

Also, I happen to find very difficult that you have such a grasp of what goes on here, after being registered so recently and becoming active for only a couple of weeks. Therefore your conception of what the board is and how people are is nothing but a completely wronged perception.

Best regards,
Your evil supermod.
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Now got GSX750F :))
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Both the internal and external ports can be used simultainiously, however the SCSI bus on the external or internal connector will need terminating at the last device. (As with any other SCSI I or II bus).

Generally the card was used with a (terminated) HD connected to the board and attached to it, while external SCSI kit (such as a scanner) was plugged into the external port.

I have this same card in both the HC +8 series II zorro board and the A500 HD+ series II side mounted unit. They both behave in exactly the same way, and I have used them with multiple HD's and a CDROM simultainiously without any problems. I have found them to be quite tolerant of terminating issues, where other zorro SCSI cards have been quite fussy. They're not the fastest SCSI card around, but they're solid, reliable, and get the job done.

Oh yea, couple of stats:
Akira; Posts: 7,547
DoomMaster; Posts: 57
Syko; Posts: 559

If you want to diss one of the highest posters on this board, fine go right ahead, almost everyone else will have a good laugh. And you won't last long.

I'm an opinionated old git and I'll fight my corner against anyone, but if you have a history of pissing in other peoples ponds, don't be too supprised if they tell each other...

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