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asm code for a simple random generator


I read that thread http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=71998 but that sounds overkill

Can someone share some simple random generator asm code? using hardware or not, I don't care.

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Hi jotd, the first idea that came in my mind was using CIA TOD.

So googled: "amiga random generator using cia tod" and found

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Old 28 August 2017, 00:06   #3
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    add.l  d0, d0
    bcc    .1
    eor.l  #1387483827, d0
    move.l  d0, d1
    lsl.l   #7, d1
    eor.l   d1, d0
    move.l  d0, d1
    lsr.l   #2, d1
    eor.l   d1, d0
    move.l  d0, d1
    lsr.l   #7, d1
    eor.l   d1, d0
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Old 28 August 2017, 09:46   #4
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If you don't care about using hardware then i guess this is a "true" generator and not a "pseudo" one which would give same sequence for same initial seed.

What is acceptable depends on the application.
Do you favor speed over randomness quality or the other way around ?
Can it be 020+ code ?

Something simple (repeats results after a few thousands values) :
 mulu #$a57b,d0
 addi.l #$bb40e62d,d0
 rol.l #6,d0
Something intermediate (period = 2^32-1) :
 move.l seed,d0
 move.l d0,d2
 move.l d0,d1
 lsl.l #8,d1
 lsl.l #5,d1
 eor.l d1,d0
 move.l d0,d1
 swap d1
 lsr.l #1,d1
 eor.w d1,d0
 move.l d0,d1
 lsl.l #5,d1
 eor.l d1,d0
 move.l d0,seed
 add.l d2,d0
; return d0
Something big that passes (all ?) randomness tests :
 movem.l seed,d0/d4
 move.w $dff006,d5
 swap d5
 move.b $bfe801,d7
 lsl.w #8,d7
 move.b $bfd800,d7
 swap d7
 move.w $dff014,d7
 move.b $bfe601,d5
 lsl.w #8,d5
 move.b $bfe701,d5
 add.l d5,d4
 addx.l d7,d0
 move.l #$59fa769f,d5
 move.l #$96e94329,d7
 move.l d0,d6
 mulu.l d7,d2:d6
 mulu.l d4,d3:d5
 mulu.l d7,d0:d4
 add.l d5,d6
 add.l d6,d0
 add.l d4,d0
 move.l #$4a5be021,d7
 add.l #$afe70c1d,d0
 addx.l d7,d4
 rol.l d3,d0
 lsr.w #5,d3
 ror.l d3,d4
 movem.l d0/d4,seed
; return d0
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that's excellent already. Thanks everyone
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Old 13 September 2017, 19:01   #6
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Try this, jotd. It’s a very simple formula if you want to produce random values within a certain range. The rest of a division is the random value:

f(x+1)=[(f(x)*a)+b]/mod m

const_a                 EQU 467     ;Just some example values
const_b                 EQU 2048
random_max_value        EQU 336
random_values_num       EQU 128
    CNOP 0,4                         ;Longword alignment
    lea     random_values_tab(pc),a0 ;Table to store your random values
    move.w  $dff006,d0               ;f(x)=VHPOSR=start value
    move.w  #const_a,d1
    move.l  #const_b,d2
    move.w  #random_max_value,d3
    moveq   #random_values_num-1,d7  ;The number of values you need
    mulu.w  d1,d0                    ;f(x)*a
    add.l   d2,d0                    ;(f(x)*a)+b
    divu.w  d3,d0                    ;f(x+1)=[(f(x)*a)+b]/mod m
    swap    d0                       ;Rest of division
    move.w  d0,(a0)+                 ;Store the value
    dbf     d7,random_values_loop
    CNOP 0,2                         ;Word alignment
    DS.W random_values_num
Just play a little bit with the constant values. I use this method to produce random x-values for a horizontal starscrolling.

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Old 13 September 2017, 21:19   #7
move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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.rnd	movem.l	d1-d3/a0,-(a7)
	lea	.RNDNUM(pc),a0
	moveq	#8-1,d3
	move.l	(a0),d0
	move.b	d0,d1
	move.b	d0,d2
	lsr.b	#3,d1
	lsr.b	#1,d2
	eor.b	d1,d2
	lsr.b	#1,d2
	roxr.l	#1,d0
	move.l	d0,(a0)
	dbf	d3,.rndloop
	movem.l	(a7)+,d1-d3/a0

.RNDNUM	dc.l	20170913
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Old 15 September 2017, 09:14   #8
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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I read that thread http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=71998 but that sounds overkill
That's a hash function, not a PRNG

Anyway, don't underestimate the importance of PRNG quality. For game mechanics a quality PRNG is critically important.
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