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Angry Lha

I have managed to unpack an lha file on my PC but cannot get it to run on Winuae as it is not .adf
Has anyone got any ideas????
The file type in its properties is 'file'
Do I need to 'Open with...' WINUAE???

Hope this makes sense!
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- Place the file in a directory
- Configure winuae to use that dir as a harddisk
- Load a workbench adf into winuae
- Start winuae
- Try running the file from within a shell (commandline)
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Unhappy Biermeester - Very sorry to ask this but....

Any chance you could do a step-by-step guide for idiots.
I'm a bit new to all this emulating.
Incidentally.....it is an amiga SWOS Editor which I am trying to get to work.

(I never though I'd get a reply that quick!)
Cheers Biermeester
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Step 1. Get a workbench, maybe install it.
Step 2. You have already unarchived it. Put the files in some dir of their own
Step 3. Under the hard disk tab for winUAE configuration select "Add directory" and add the directory
Step 4. Boot workbench (either from floppy or from the harddrive if you installed it)
Step 5. Find the CLI (Believe it's in the System directory on workbench disk)
Step 6. If your directory was the only harddisk type cd DH0:
Step 7. If you don't know what file to run type Dir in the text window to get a listing of files
Step 8. Type the name of the file to run. Some scripts apparently require you to "execute" them. To do so type "Execute filename", but try typing the filename alone first.

Oh yeah, don't know if the way you unarchived the file preserved long filenames, that might cause a problem or two, otherwise if you notice a .info file in the directory you can simply go through the first 4 steps and double click on the icon for the harddisk. There should be an icon you can double click there.
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If you want an idiot proof fully featured Workbench for WinUAE, try reading this thread:

Classic WB 3.0

Another good option if you want nice eye candy is "Amiga in a Box"
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Re: Lha

Originally posted by swirligig
The file type in its properties is 'file'
And just so you know, Windows hasn't a clue what a filetype is. It only looks at the extension of a file (ie, adf) and puts that type in that field. Since Amiga files don't require an extension, Windows deducts that the filetype is file.

So, MyDisk.adf would be filetype: adf
And if you made up an extension, like .xyz, Windows would tell you it's an xyz file. Try it. It's ridiculous!

Anyhow, I assume this is what you meant by the file type in the properties. If not, then just enjoy this message for its own sake!
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