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Newly created floppy disk not writing to host system?

I've managed to create a bootable ADF disk image and demonstrated it works in FS-USE using this method:

1. Used FS-UAE to create a standard blank disk, called it boot.adf located on my Desktop of the host computer (Mac v10.13.6)
2. Assigned boot.adf as an available disk image in the media swap list
3. Booted into my Workbench 1.3 Hard Disk
4. Loaded boot.adf into DF0:
5. Started Shell and entered the following:
install df0:
makedir df0:c
makedir df0:s
copy c:run df0:c
copy c:runback df0:c
copy c:endcli df0:c
copy apps/xcopy df0:
6. Created a new file in df0:s/startup-sequence with:
runback xcopy
7. Rebooted the Amiga and since DF0: now has a bootable floppy image, it boots from the floppy and successfully runs xcopy without interaction.

So now I believe I have a bootable ADF image located at Desktop/boot.adf that I can copy to a USB stick and boot using my Gotek - but having selected in the HxC boot selector and rebooted, it doesn't recognise the disk as bootable.

Indeed, if I check the contents of the disk image using the real Amiga via an Action reply cartridge, it recognises an Amiga formatted disk, but it is showing no files.

Crucially it seems, on my host Mac it shows the MD5 hash as exactly the same as a newly created blank disk from FS-UAE.

So the file contents of boot.adf appears unchanged from when it was originally created, but time and again if I select it and boot from it from DF0: it works!

I can only imagine there is a cached version on my system that is being used and for some reason its not writing this to the file in Desktop/boot.asf - so understandably when I copy it to USB, it no worky!

Any tips or advice please?
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Figured it out!

Added "writable_floppy_images = 1" as a custom configuration option, created a new disk image and re-ran the process. The actual boot.adf is written to now - Gotek working with it!
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