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Stuck with corrupt screen after changing res


So I just bust my Amiga 1200 out of the garage - I last used an Amiga before getting into the games industry in 1994.
I found my old CM8833II monitor and cleaned it up - booted up my 1200 with HD inside and into workbench. I tried a couple of programs and tried to change the resolution as it was a bit flickery (640x256) so I tried 320x256 which was hideiously huge then went to try one of the other modes maybe called enhanced or something like that.

Anyway - now the screen is screwed up and I can't see anything to change it back!

oops. I guess it's been a while since I never recall having such a problem in the past. I guess I would have known how to fix this. The setting automatically saved itself into the prefs so when I reboot I just get a corrupt screen

Any ideas how I can fix this - I could try plugging into a TV with the modulator port instead maybe?

(hello, im new btw!
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Never mind - the old skills never leave! haha. Found I could just get a command prompt by holding (both?) mouse buttons on reset, then cli'd to the prefs directory and deleted the prefs file for screen mode.

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