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Heads up for people trying to download MUI

I guess this can go in "scene" hopefully. About 6 months ago I downloaded MUI from Gulliver's site and it worked fine. I think when I installed it in my Amiga 4000, I got it from aminet. Well, I am pretty pretty sure both those files have somehow gotten corruputed.

This guy's link however: http://guide.abime.net/wb3.1/chap6.htm

contains a fully working demo version (still needs keyfile). If anyone who does maintainence on aminet sees this, you might want to get that version up there. And I download strictly to my Amiga when I get Amiga formatted files. The LHA never touches my PC.
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The CRC's in the Aminet LHA test fine here.
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no idea... i've been having some weird problems with my A3000 since trying to install boing bag 1-4. not sure what was missing that made the MUI file not work. probably on my end then.
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You cannot unpack MUI with UnArc if you didn't install Boingbag1 first. UnArc of OS 3.9 witrhout Boingbags cannot handle files with spaces in their names correctly. The MUI archive contains one file whose name only consists of spaces. This file is needed for installation.

The guide you linked above mentions the workaround for this error in the Troubleshooting section at the end of the page.
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something was borked thomas. i did also try with lha in the shell. i was very careful. i read some post from way back in 2003 where some guy was having the exact same issue with COPYLIB not found or something like that popping up. whatever the case, Hewitson says it's fine, and I've been having weird problems, which are solved now. And MUI is installed and AmiSSL was installed so I was able to goto my google mail and find the MUI.key from Stephan and all that good stuff :]

Thanks again for the other post a while back where you taught me how to properly partiiton a new hard disk in HD Toolbox BTW
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