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Wing commander

I would like to see this game in whdload!
I know though that it can be installed instead...
I also know that it is a sci-fi favorite game to most of amiga lovers!
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Old 22 March 2011, 13:35   #2

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the whd install is still in WIP.
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use the cd32 version and install as per

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Old 09 April 2011, 23:25   #4
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Would be great to see a WHDLoad patch for this game that supports the CD32 version as well.

(Of course, you can install the CD32 version with the above instructions, but I'm lazy. )
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Old 15 June 2011, 21:09   #5
roy bates
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yeah i wish this was in whdload but it installs from floppy and works ok so im happy
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I've just finished the whd install for Wing Commader.
I think it will interest some people.
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Indeed Psygore. Many thanks for this nice patch. Will try the CD32 version soon.
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I feel like I've been waiting a decade for this awesome patch, thanks psygore
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Lemon Curry ?

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Woohoo thanks.
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Awesome, thanks!
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Merci Psygore
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Thanks a lot
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A bit off topic, but perhaps you have an idea about this question:

Originally Posted by Lutz G View Post

BTW: Is there a Amiga Wing Commander version with MT-32 support? Found this in "THE ONE" April 1991



S-based Eastridge Technology is currently converting Wing Commander to the Amiga. This experienced developer has worked for Mindscape since 1985, producing a number of products including most of its big Nintendo games, such as Paperboy and Gauntlet II. on the NES and Gameboy.
A four-disk product. Amiga Wing Commander is slated for an October release and all attempts ^re being made to keep it similar to its PC original.
Potential players can choose between having all of the animated sequences, and the consequent disk swapping, or can go for a more refined game in terms of presentation. The use of single screens from the animated sequences with a limited amount of animation will allow this version to function in a far quicker and playable way.
Thefinished product will incorporate 32-colour ray traced graphics and support the Roland sound-box and Miracle sound technology it may even come on a ROM cartridge. "When we're getting nearer to launch, we'll look at the most cost effective method," reveals Phil Harrison, Mindscape's Software Development Manager at Mindscape. "The delivery medium will be the best way to show the game off whether it be floppy disk, Compact Disc or cartridge."
Ultima VI is due to appear on the Amiga in September, with a company called Technology Works is in charge of this conversion.
Prices for the above games will be somewhere between £29.99 and £34.99. And as Savage Empire and Martian Dreams were developed using a subset of Ultima VI technology, there's no reason why these products can't be converted either. But why are there such long delays in converting Origin blockbusters to the Amiga?

"We believe the quality of the product is more important than the delivery date," says Phil Harrison. "A number of our competitors have had excellent PC products and very bad Amiga conversions. The Origin product-line is built on quality and long shelf-life."
The bad news for ST owners though, is that Origin has no immediate plans to convert Wing Commander or Ultima VI onto your machine.
"An ST version of Wing Commander isn't technically possible," says Mindscape. "It's not even worth trying, due to the lack of colours and no hardware support to move sprites and graphics around. However, although we're not doing Ultima VI on ST, it's not a closed book."
Tell us what you think about this major disappointment by writing to: THE ONE, EMAP Images, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU or fax 071 490 1095


And some info:

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
...Perhaps someone here can make this kind of wonderful remakes . Here there is some info: http://sci.sierrahelp.com/Tools/SCITools.html.
And here are the mods for Wing Commander: http://wcnews.com/news/update/10775/
I wonder if it could be done a version of Wing Commander with MT32 support.
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Old 13 January 2014, 06:54   #14

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Super news!
Also waited for this install for ages.

Now if someone capable could pickup the task of converting Secret Missions to Wing Commander
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Old 13 January 2014, 18:33   #15

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I have no info about MT32 support for Wing Commander.
Better to use audio CD tracks for the CD32 version instead of.
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Old 02 February 2014, 22:45   #16

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I have completed the ECS-version with my former A500 1MB many, many years ago 2 times. What an enjoyment to play the CD32-version with enoyable speed, nice graphics and stretching the aspect ratio to 16:9 on a big tube tv !
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Does the option "original c2p" re-enable Akiko on the CD32?

I have a CD32/SX32 with some extra memory, I'm guessing the c2p stuff which is now being done in software will cause some performance loss on CD32 hardware?
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