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[Found: Thunderhawk] Looking for a particular Heli simulator, cant remember the name

I just started using WinUAE and have downloaded lots of stuff BUT:
I cannot remember the name of my favourite game. I have tried lots and lots of them but cannot find the one I´m looking for.

It is a helicopter simulator. You fly a gunship (might have been an Apache). There are mission briefings and you get to equip your heli before every mission. Some of the stuff you could choose from:
Maveric missile
(and more, cant remember)

A few missions into the game you're supposed to bomb a bridge (in 2 locations IIRC). Some missions after the brodge bombing enemy jets start showing up and they're hard to shoot down.

Do you have any idea what this game is called? I have some idea that it was called "desert"-something but I have tried all games with "desert" in the title and also "gunship" and anything else that looked like it could possibly be what I want. please help me out here guys....
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Maybe Thunderhawk

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coala cant remeber exact name of that 1
wot u know got it right
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move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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Just a wild guess (and most probably wrong since it's not really a simulation): Thunderhawk?

Edit: Argh, damn you Retro-Nerd!
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Lemon Curry ?

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Not quite a simulator, but could it be Desert Strike ?
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The description definitely sounds like Thunderhawk.

It's what I would've gone for too as my guess.

Even if we're all wrong, my advice to you kalars is to play it anyway.

Great game in my opinion!
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Yay! Thunderhawk, I forgot about that one, description is definitely like it. Cool, I know what I'm gonna be doing tonight
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Thunderhawk it is guys, thanks a lot for your help!!

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