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WinUAE - Wazp3D vs Voodoo 3

Welcome. I decided to get some information before making changes to AmigaOS 3.9 and WinUAE configuration.

In general, everything is about the performance of emulated 3D graphics. Has anyone tried comparing Wazp3D with the ability to emulate Voodoo 3 in the latest WinUAE?

And how is the compatibility of Voodoo emulation, do games like WipeOut2097 or Hexen II work properly?

To sum up, is it better to emulate Voodoo plus Warp3D or is UAEGfx and Wazp3D enough?

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I would expect that Voodoo emulation would be far superior to Wazp3D, even with the WinUAE DLL for it, but Toni could probably say more. Given that Wazp3D hasn't updated in over seven years, it's pretty certain that the UAE integration isn't up to date, and it might not even work with 4.x versions of WinUAE. Even if you can't have much video RAM at all with the Voodoo emulation, we know that at least it works.

I would love it if UAEgfx added the functionality of the emulated 3D boards, but I'm sure there's more important things on the to-do list for WinUAE.
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Even if Toni were ever tempted to enhance UAEGfx with 3D functionality, what driver would support it? Warp3D for OS 3.x is not developed anymore.
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Toni Wilen
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I don't really care about 3D. I never had bigbox Amiga back in the day when it possibly would have made some sense.

Voodoo 3 emulation was added because it is one of the rare Amiga compatible boards that has >4M VRAM (can do 32-bit full HD resolution), it is OS3, OS4, linux/netbsd/etc supported.
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