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Had some spare time, so what better way to spend it than working on updating the ClassicWB packs!

The biggest change this round is the addition of a WB 1.3 theme to the GAAE, 68K and LITE packs. I originally came up with the idea whilst watching a youtube vid and started on it a while back as mentioned in this thread. Real life got in the way and it got put on the back burner until recently. Well, it's now out and will hopefully come in useful to some of you - would look great running on a minimig. Also looks surprising nice on an AGA machine with copper backgrounds enabled.

The other packs gained some minor changes, nothing major and I wouldn't bother re-installing from scratch unless you really fancy it or just have to have the latest. Some of you will have heavily customized ClassicWB's, and it's just not worth the hassle for such minor differences.

ADVSP, P96, OS35 or OS39 users may want to copy across the new "Icons" drawer - spent a while tidying that up and converting the icons to project files (some were invisible disks or drawers without drawers).

For the GAAE, 68K, LITE, OS35 and OS39 users, the S/Toolsdaemon prefs file might take your fancy as I changed some of the options under "Actions", adding functionality. I also attempted to fix the Others menu crash, only time will tell if it works for everyone. I found two things that can cause this. The first was using execute in ToolsDaemon to start the OthersMenu script - it had to be launched in a separate process which it now is; also never leave the OthersMenu text file completely empty - at the very least, press return once in the text file when editing it if you have nothing to add and want it blank. All the packs have at least one entry in the text file as a default setting.

The other changes are listed below and relatively straightforward - as I said, nothing major apart from the addition of WB 1.3 themes which I spent most time on this round.

Ok, that's it. Signing off until next time!

  • GAAE/68K/LITE Workbench 1.3 Themes added
  • UAE version updated to latest WinUAE with brand new configurations
  • WHDLoad updated to latest v17
  • ADVSP P96 OS35 OS39 Icon drawer tidied up
  • scsi.device drivers in MyFiles/largeHD drawer updated
  • Added PFS filesystem to MyFile/LargeHD - now open source!
  • ToolsDaemon/LazyBench "Other" menu crash fixed in non-Scalos versions
  • Packmaster added to GAAE and 68k versions
  • GAAE, 68k, LITE, OS35, OS39 popup menus have added functionality
  • Cardreset & Cardpatch added to C drawer
  • Icontype, CopyReplacer (renamed to CopyX) added to C drawer
  • Install scripts have more user-selectable options with detailed descriptions
  • OS35/9 CyberBugFix is now a user-selectable option, with warning about ScummVM
  • OS35/9 default icons have better window sizes and "View All" icons enabled
  • Default Copper background colour changed in LITE FULL ADV to better blend with icons
  • UAE Control Added to MyFiles (Control WinUAE from within Workbench)
  • Various small updates to Workbench enable/disable components scripts

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This has been the biggest gap between updates since the packs began over 10 years ago!

It's been more of lack of time rather than lack of interest, but I will always come back to throw in a few updates and of course bring WHDLoad up to the latest release.

The big update this time around is all thanks to PeterK and his brilliant Icon.Library, which has made such a huge difference to Workbench users everywhere. It's a library that allows pretty much every type of Amiga Icon, including OS35+ GlowIocns and PNG Icons, to be displayed on a wide range of Amigas and Workbenchs! This is something people have wanted for a very long time.

Not only that, but it has improved performance as well allowing even ECS machines to render icons at acceptable speeds. One thing I'm especially thankful for is that he has kindly put together a pack which allowed me to integrate this into the Scalos run versions, including a FixScalos executable and an example Startup-Script. He has also provided much appreciated support by answering questions about the pack.

Using this pack meant that the IconType functionality built into Scalos requesters was not functional. This was remedied by adding the utility MUIIcon type to the popup menus and works great as a quick alternative to changing Icon Types easily (eg Project, Tool Drawer, Disk etc) in Scalos Info Requesters. As a bonus, the Scalos requesters also get an update with a nice new look and layout.

In the normal Workbench versions (not the Workbench 2.1 GAAE), PeterKs Icon.Library can be easily enabled/disabled as with all other ClassicWB components - using the Settings->Components menu.

In the Scalos versions, you'll find an Install/Remove script in the "MyFiles/Install/Icons" drawer, very similar to how SFS support is added. A Reboot is required to load/flush the relevant LoadModule updates and patches.

Since the ADVSP version is NewIcon by default, all icons will also be converted across to the more efficient OS35+ Glow format during the Install procedure in order to further boost performance. Should you Remove PeterKs Icon Library, the icons will default back to NewIcon format.

The Icon Update tools that come with the ClassicWB pack will also convert icons to the more efficient Glow Icon format if you have PeterKs Library Installed.

Other updates are listed below, but the big news is finally having GlowIcons and PNG Icon Support in all versions except the GAAE.

Also a big thanks to RCK also for hosting the files. I will be using the Donation button very soon RCK as soon as I have my payment details handy.

Well that's it, enjoy and thanks to all of you for keeping EAB alive and kicking!!!

  • PeterK Icon.Library support added for fast OS35+ GlowIcon and PNG Icon supprt (not GAAE version)
  • UAE version updated to latest WinUAE
  • WHDLoad updated to v17.1
  • PatchRAM added to show available free space in the RAMDISK
  • TagLiFE added to speed up ultility.library calls and improve stability
  • Various fixes to the WB1.3 icon pack
  • MyClock Titlebar clock added to OS35 and OS39 as an alternative to TinyMeter
  • Reorganized the System, Settings and Components menus on the OS35 and OS39 packs
  • MyFiles/LargeHD drawer updated with latest files and tools
  • Added Toni's PFS3 All-In-One filesystem to MyFile/LargeHD
  • IconType can now be changed from the popup Menu in all versions (TTManager, MUI IconType)
  • Updates to Workbench enable/disable components scripts
  • Various small fixes and optimizations

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