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First of all, thanks for sharing your player.

I am trying to use it as-is in my C program and I run into this error during compilation.

vasmm68k_mot -m68000 -noesc -Fhunk /data/ptplayer.asm -o asm.o
vasm 1.8 (c) in 2002-2017 Volker Barthelmann
vasm M68k/CPU32/ColdFire cpu backend 2.2 (c) 2002-2017 Frank Wille
vasm motorola syntax module 3.10 (c) 2002-2017 Frank Wille
vasm hunk format output module 2.9a (c) 2002-2017 Frank Wille

CODE(acrx2):	       13096 bytes
vc +kick13 -c99 -cpu=68000 -I/root/amiga_sdk/NDK_3.9/Include/include_h -lamiga -lauto -g -c /data/animtools.c
vc +kick13 -c99 -cpu=68000 -I/root/amiga_sdk/NDK_3.9/Include/include_h -lamiga -lauto -g -c /data/main.c
vc +kick13 -c99 -cpu=68000 -I/root/amiga_sdk/NDK_3.9/Include/include_h -lamiga -lauto -g -c /data/msx.c

error 9 in line 13 of "/tmp/fileJt6Y2C.asm": instruction not supported on selected architecture
>	movec	vbr,d0
vasmm68k_mot -quiet -Fhunk -phxass -nowarn=62 "/tmp/fileJt6Y2C.asm" -o "/data/msx.o" failed
Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
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Old 01 January 2022, 12:27   #162

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Not sure what you did there. In the first line you showed that assembling ptplayer.asm definitely works. Then later you compile a C source and it fails? There is also no MOVEC in ptplayer.asm.

As I understand it, you inserted a MOVEC assembler-inline into msx.c to read the VBR, but you insist in compiling for cpu=68000? Then the error is correct, because MOVEC is an 68010 instruction.
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Old 01 January 2022, 17:32   #163
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looks like generated startup file isn't compatible with 68000... nothing to do with ptplayer I confirm. You need to provide VBR to the player but player doesn't read it itself (would require supervisor calls).

Compile your c source with 68010 mode, and call MOVEC only if current CPU is 68010 else return 0.

I don't think you risk introducing incompatibilities with 68000 with 68010 mode, unlike 68020 mode which could "optimize" with odd-address word read.
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Old 04 January 2022, 16:36   #164

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To be compatible with 68010 and up, the code must do a run-time check for CPU model and decide whether to use MOVEC or not.

A common problem is that in order to compile this for 68000, the MOVEC instruction must not be in the code.

movec VBR,d0 is equivalent to dc.l $4e7a0801.

The compiler or assembler must then (in the part of the code that should execute a MOVEC) support in-line data.

If it doesn't, you can put the word sequence 0x4e7a, 0x0801, 0x4e73 in a data area, get the starting address, and Supervisor() to it. ($4e73 is equivalent to RTE)
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