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Pinball Prelude OCS/ECS has an AGA Update on Disk 4

Not mentioned on HOL, but the OCS/ECS version of Pinball Prelude has an AGAUpdate folder on Disk 4 that can be used to update your Hard Disk installed game to AGA if you installed it on an AGA machine!

Simply install the game to HD using Disk 4 then copy the contents of the folders in the AGAUpdate folder on Disk 4 to the relevant folders where the game was installed on your Hard Drive to upgrade it to AGA!

If you have an RTG setup like I have in WinUAE the game complained I had "No AGA Chipset" so you will have to use the WHDLoad installer instead!
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If you have an RTG setup like I have in WinUAE the game complained I had "No AGA Chipset"
Doesn't have anything to do with RTG, code times how long a certain blitter operation takes with FMODE = 0 and FMODE = 3, based on the results it will set the "AGA machine" flag. If the emulated machine is not 100% behaving like a real machine, this (rather unreliable) test will fail.
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Thanks for the clarification Sting, I installed the AGA version in my other RTG setup running OS 3.1.4 and it runs perfectly as you say it should, so must be something in my main WinUAE setup that's the issue!

But, I don't understand what the AGAUpdate folder is for as copying over the files from Disk 4 of the ECS version into the installed ECS HD version and running the Prehistoric table results in the message "Error Reading File Prehistoric.img"?

Same message appears if you install the AGA version and copy over the files from Disk 4 of the AGA disk? It happens on all tables, you get an error reading a .img file? So what exactly are the files in the AGAUpdate actually for?
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