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300 Kbit/sec and Amiga?

Hi and thank You for reply in advance
I have Y-E DATA floppy drive that have 300 jumper on board. It's 3,5 HD drive as far as I can find info on Internet(after watching the drive, and reading technical/jumpers info for other Y-E DATA floppy drives).

If I understand it well it will send data with 300 Kbit/sec transfer rate. Just trying to find if it:
1) Work in HD mode(e.g. 2 MB unformatted floppies)
2) if above yes - would Amiga read data, e.g. from HD floppy disk, formatted as HD?
Are there any drives, or other software/hardware Amiga things needed for it? I guess that probably to run as external drive it would need at least some chip that will tell Amiga that this is HD drive, correct moving of Disk Ready and maybe Disk Change(but Disk Change can be done by WB, isn't it?), of course Drive Select. But there are probably jumpers for Disk Ready, and Drive Select on floppy drive.
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The Amiga's custom chip Paula was never upgraded to natively support HD floppy drives. HD floppy drives for the Amiga have been modified so that they spin at half speed. There are only a few models that are compatible, and they are fairly scarce.
Standard PC floppy drives can't be used with the Amiga's native floppy controller to read HD floppies. However they can be used with other floppy controllers such as CatWeasel.
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That 300 jumper probably means 300 rpm, which is the normal floppy rpm for both DD and HD disks. To halve the data rate to make a HD disk work with Paula, the drive needs to spin at 150 rpm. This is how Amiga HD floppy drives work.

External USB floppy drives like the common Y-E Data ones have a floppy controller in the dongle/case that often supports 2X data rate -- i.e. 600 rpm operation. That 300 jumper is probably to force the drive into regular 300 rpm mode.
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