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Returning fan!

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Hi Meynaf!

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Sorry to deceive you, but read the post above yours.
Wow, cool

Do you remember your score?

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Old 27 May 2021, 07:37   #222
son of 68k
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Originally Posted by tygre View Post
Wow, cool

Do you remember your score?
No, it was long ago and i didn't pay much attention to this. Probably not very good anyway
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Finished Battle Squadron, with a very tired one button joystick (moving the stick in circles to drop bombs).

Easier today with WHDLoad and support for a second button to drop bombs.
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Old 27 May 2021, 08:14   #224
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Why would it matter if you 'cheated' or not? All you are doing is unfairly discriminating against players that can't play difficult games without cheat mode. Is the intention here to give the skilled players even more accolade than they already have? It's like giving donations to lottery winners, it makes no sense.

Secondly, what constitutes as 'cheating'? Wouldn't it be just as fun or good enough to complete a game with some kind of easier mode? This kind of thread could be about fun you've had and interesting story or insight into a game, instead of celebrating l337 reflexes and superhuman playing skillz.

For example, I completed 'Moonstone', and as that game has a tendency to CRASH a lot, it's basically about LUCK whether you can complete it without 'cheating', regardless of your skill. So now even skill wouldn't matter, but my completion is still disqualified from this thread, although I used savestates - not because of lack of skillz, but because the game has a tendency to crash.

So I legitimately completed the game, but I did have to use savestates to play around the crashes. Is this considered 'cheating' or not?

I frankly can't understand the motivation to want to ONLY know about 'not cheating' - you see just as much (or actually more, as you're more relaxed and free to observe details better) of the game with 'cheat mode' than without. It may be an achievement to complete something 'without cheating', but as I mentioned, some games might make it impossible anyway.

Some games have bugs that prevent completion without a crack or cheat that fixes it. So are you saying some games should never be completed, because you literally CAN'T complete them without 'cheating' of some sort?

Just relax this 'non-cheating' rule, and I have amazing game completion stories for you.
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Global Moderator

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This threads only been going for 20 years without such a complaint.

If you have something worth sharing make another thread and call it what games have you finished being a sneaky cheater?
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Old 11 June 2021, 12:47   #226
Computer Nerd

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Originally Posted by Nishicorn View Post
So I legitimately completed the game, but I did have to use savestates to play around the crashes. Is this considered 'cheating' or not?
Getting around game breaking bugs isn't cheating, but things like infinite lives most certainly are.
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Old 11 June 2021, 13:45   #227
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Old 11 June 2021, 15:36   #228
cheeky scoundrel

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Originally Posted by fxgogo View Post
Now that's honesty.

In my case: not many if I don't count games like point & click adventure games or certain sports titles (what genre is Purple Saturn Day anyway... "weird sports game" I guess). And that is partially because Amiga games can be very, very long besides being difficult... Most puzzle games can have 100-200 levels, ain't nobody got time for that.

For some reason I also never managed to complete any RPG on the Amiga itself, not even Dungeon Master. I completed that years later on the PC.

So yeah, something like:
  • Beverly Hills Cop. Took me forever to get through the last "3d" levels without dying, it just keeps going!
  • Wonderboy. That dragon at the end though... GRRR. So many failed attempts. Probably took me three years before I finally clocked it.
  • Baby Jo. You'd think a game where you play as a baby would be easy... how looks can be deceiving. The underground level is somewhat of a personal nightmare and not only because it's a little dull.
  • Addams Family... I mean the secret rooms where you can get tons of lives is pretty much almost cheating but technically it isn't so I'm counting it. It probably took me a good 100+ plays to get my first victory, it was a real persistence battle.
  • Hero Quest; completed all the boards in any case with no character death. It's not really that hard to do really, it just takes a little luck with the rolls (and a crossbow).
  • Dynamite Dux, numerous times in both single player and coop. Not too hard for an Amiga game anyway, most if not all bosses can be cheesed.
  • Valhalla 2, didn't need any guides. The same cannot be said for Valhalla 1 and its weird and complicated puzzle designs... It likely did still take me a year+ to finish this bad boy, it's quite amazing how much content they managed to squeeze into the four levels of the game.

Er... erm.... I think that's about it...
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Old 11 June 2021, 16:01   #229
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I'm also in the (nearly) none category. Not bothered about it at all, I've never felt the compulsion to finish every game I play.

I'm pretty sure I did Another World & Flashback (also maybe D-Generation & Syndicate, but not 100% sure I've actually finished them), but that'd be it for action games...definitely not my forte.
From others genres: Dreamweb, Monkey Island, Dark Queen Of Krynn.

Could be few more I forgot about, but that's probably it.
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Old 11 June 2021, 16:51   #230
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I really want to though. Right, mission 2021...finish one Amiga game unaided.
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Old 12 June 2021, 12:35   #231
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Originally Posted by fxgogo View Post
I really want to though. Right, mission 2021...finish one Amiga game unaided.
Same! I'm on the last level of Ruff n Tumble this year. Giving it a break before I return properly.

Personally would love to finish a lot of games, but too many require (for me anyways) hours at a time to sit and play through. I dunno how some of those play through games are done online where they beat games in like 35mins!! WTF That's amazing but I'm not that good.

I probably will return to Fire and Ice a some point as well. I got further in that game now than ever before, to the jungle level I believe, but it's tough having to even get to that spot in one sitting.
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Old 12 June 2021, 17:40   #232
Baked Produce

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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
[*] Beverly Hills Cop. Took me forever to get through the last "3d" levels without dying, it just keeps going!
You get extra credit for perseverance. I quit during the 3D bit out of sheer boredom. A couple of the earlier levels are harder IMO. What a game to have on your list though. Such an oddity.

Most recent game I finished was Bill's Tomato Game. Took quite a few hours and was largely on the easy side but I went through lots of lives and passwords in the last couple of worlds because the time limits get really tight. Mostly a chill game to keep plugging away at though thanks to passwords. The end boss was hardest. Jumping with the mouse is just GAH!

Here's my full list from decades playing.

Alien Breed
Alien Breed II
Alien Breed Special Ed
Alien Fish Finger
Another World
Back to the Future Part II
Barbarian II (psygnosis)
Battle Squadron
Beneath a Steel Sky
Bill's Tomato Game
The Blues Brothers
Celtic Heart
The Chaos Engine
Deluxe Galaga
Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 3
Dyna Blaster
F17 Challenge
Final Fight
Gobliins 2
Golden Axe
Jim Power
Jump 'n' Roll
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Lotus III
Monkey Island 2
Monster Business
Myth: History in the Making
The NewZealand Story
Robocop 2
The Secret of Monkey Island
Stunt Car Racer
Super Cars II
Switchblade II
Turrican II
Turrican 3
Wizzy's Quest
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