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Same problem w several WHD installs

Hey all,

Fairly new to amiga emulation, but no stranger to amigas or emulation.

I'm having a problem with several WHD Installed games. When I run the games in question I get a some variation of this error:

Exception "Trace" ($2024)
at $92B1F0 (Resload $1DB0) occured.

It's always the same basic error message, with variations in the reference numbers. The top line seems to be the same no matter.

Normally I'd simply say bad luck and move on to the next game, but this same error seems to crop up for several titles which have similar configuaration requirements. At least three of the games require an A500 kickstart file to me in devs/kickstarts for example.

I've tried every WinUAE configuration combination I can think of, even created a seperate 'bare-bones' test workbench install to ensure compatibility.

The fact that I'm getting common errors for som many titles prompts me to belive that there is one particular thing i've done wrong or am missing. Here is my setup:

WinUAE 0822R3
Workbench 3.1
WHDLoad 15.1

P3 600, 256 Mb

Some of the games in question:
Monkey Island 2
Rolling Ronny

I've tried different versions(from different sites) of the games, with the same result. I always get the above error if I run the games to their spec, if I run way above spec, it crashes the virtual amiga outright. I've tried dropping the spec as low as possible, even to the point where WHDLoad says I need to increase memory.

What have I missed?

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Arrow WHDLoad errors

I would imagine your problem is due to one of the following:

- Incompatible disk images (ie. unknown versions or cracks)
- Wrong/invalid kickstart image
- Using a cracked WHDLoad

You must be mistaken about Rolling Ronny as that is my install and it definitely does not need a kickstart image and runs with cracked disk images. Any configuration with about 2Mb or chip memory and some fast memory should run the games no problem.

Incidentally trace is used in debuggers or copy protection routines so to find it in so many system friendly games seems very strange.
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Old 30 November 2002, 12:49   #3
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Ah, thanks for the speedy reply, Code.

Certainly not a cracked version of WHDLoad, as I still witness a 'please reg' screen on startup of every game.

I had been leaning toward assuming I'd downloaded unsupported cracked versions of games, but I thought it'd be too big a cooincidence me getting so many. It looks like that may be it.

I got a most of them of a TOSEC download site, assuming all TOSEC sets would be supported. Stupid assumption I know, I forget that all this is still coming together.

Question about the kickstart image. I downloaded a 1.3 image(never onwed an a500) that many of these games require, which seems to be valid... I mean the virtual machine boots off it. Can it still be invalid?

Thanks again for the prompt response. I guess I'll try some alternate versions. Patch readmes don't always specify whether the original games disks are required or what versions are supported.

I can live with playing Ronny off disk. Dunno why that game stuck with me, played it once way back on the A1200. Heh.
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retro maniac

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Big grin

Buy an Amiga. You solve yourself all problems.
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Old 30 November 2002, 14:36   #5
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Strangely enough, I'm regretting offloading my original amigas, and was thinking of purchasing a second hand one

I'd still emulate though, can't beat it for multiple workbenches numerous impossible configs. Plus... it's "neat"(tm).
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The kickstart image should be ok because WHDLoad use a checksum when loading it and gives a message if the checksum is wrong.
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Old 30 November 2002, 22:14   #7
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Post Try working games

Go to the Action site and download most/all of those games.

Try those in whdload.

They all work fine under emulation and you can see if you are still getting these trace errors. All those images are from originals so untampered.
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