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Question [Found: Pacomix 2] A Logical top-down shareware(?) Game

Hi all,
I've been asking for this game once, a year or so ago, but this time by english skills are much better and I hope I can provide all the necessary info I can think off . Let's begin:

1. Possible name of game
The game name probably started with G, and was relatively short (Like up to 6-10 letters)

2. Game genre (General)
A Logical, Top-Down game

3. Game genre (Specific)
A Logical game, where you have to collect all bonuses and get to the exit

4. Viewpoint
Top Down, every level was one-screen big and divided into Square tiles.

5. General datesi
When I was about 8, so... -9 Years gives 1998

6. Commercial status
It was one of the Shareware/Freeware game you find on those CDs added to magazines.

7. Other specific info
Ok. You were controling a Ball being which occupied 1 tile. You were able to move in 4 baisc orthogonal directions. When you pressed the proper button you Slided forward until you hit the wall. And so on. You weren't able to stop by yourself when you started to slide. You had to hit wall, Cannon or other Solid thing to stop. Additionally there was also Warping on the sides, sowhen I left screen on the right I immediately came back from the left, so it was possible to fall into infinite loop if there was no wall on your way.
In this game your objective was to collect all the bonuses from the level (Fruits, diamonds, crystals, not sure which, but probably Fruits or all).
Another thing I remember were Cannons, and Buttons. Cannons were able to fire Shots, when proper button was pressed (i.e. you slipped over the button to press it). The buttons were also able to remove/place or toggle blocks.
The next thing I remember are pipes, which Shots can enter and leave on the other side (So thanks to pipes shots were able to change direction).
There was level editor. And I remember funny Chees-like Floor, which was white and red .

So keep in mind, that I found this game on a CD from some magazine ("Computer Studio" I belive, that's what my brother told me).
And this is not an Onyx or Brainball!!!
The controls were Arrow Keys or Joystick, not a mouse .

Thanks for any help

I have just found it. I thought that it could've been starting with P instead of G, so I looked into Hol,and found it:
Pacomix 2

That was unexpected, but I'm happy .

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Hmmm, how about Brainball? http://hol.abime.net/2566/screenshot
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Nope, that's not it, but I must say this is one of the games I played long time ago and I never thought to see it again .

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