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Old 20 January 2005, 08:28   #1
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A logical game, other info inside:)

1. Possible name of game
I'm not sure, but I think it begined at "G"

2. Game genre (General)
Logical Game

3. Game genre (Specific)
hmm. When you pushed any direction button,(only four directions), player moved left, until some obstacle wall didn't stoped him. Besides the game grid was 16x16, but player moved smoothly(one or two pixels per step). And also, when you tried to leave the screen from any side(Ex. left), the player begined to wrap around the level(He left at left, and immediatly appeared from right).

4. Viewpoint
From up(You seen the player's head)

5. General dates
It has been in 1998,99,97, but i'm not sure.

6. Commercial status
It has been free-shareware game. I'm almost absolutly sure, that it was on cd on "Amiga" magazine(maybe the name was other) or Aminet(But i didn't find it on aminet. And I didn't searched good)

7. Other specific info
-Player was the ball
-objective in the game was to collect all diamonds(Bonuses?) from level
-There was buttons on floor, which makes the cannons shot, or to appear/disappear/toggle some walls
-There was also some funny pipes which changed canoon's bullet direction
-The graphic was very nice

Well it is everything I know already.
If I will... No matter.
I will send some more info, if I will know more
BTW. I only need screens to know that this game is the game i'm searching for.
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You're not talking about "The Power" ain't you?
I've got that original, got that one of the few ones
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Old 24 January 2005, 08:30   #3
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Hmm, I think that this info may be very important.
This game was free-shareware game. I found this game on the cd in the "Computer Zone"(Somethink like that)magazine.
I searched the webb for any info about this magazine, but i didn't found anything.

One more thing.
I cannot found "The Power" anywhere on the web, so If you can send me(or post it here) an Screenshot from this game I will be most gratefull.
Old 24 January 2005, 08:37   #4
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The Power screenshot: http://hol.abime.net/?id=1122
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Old 24 January 2005, 10:00   #5
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Could it be Diamond Fever?
Old 25 January 2005, 04:29   #6
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Well, I'm almost completely sure, that this(The power) is the identical game type. But the game which I had the player was ball seen from up.
And the graphic was a little better, and there weren't hearts but diamonds or some small balls or something like that. And after collecting all stuff, there weren't any woman-ball which you had to touch, but there was some kind of exit. Well I don't remeber this stuff too good.
Old 25 January 2005, 16:29   #7
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Maybe it was movem?

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Old 27 January 2005, 08:33   #8
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Hmm, and some more info:
There wasn't scrolling in that game.
Old 01 February 2005, 10:08   #9
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Tiny Skweeks? Most likely not though...

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Old 05 February 2005, 04:29   #10
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Well, it isn't this game. I'm afraid that I have tiny chances to find this game,(but, the "Bounty Hunter' by Dead Zoft is easier to find). I'm completely sure that this game was on CD in the polish magazine "Computer Zone" (Something like that). I searched for it on google, but i found nothing. I also tried to search for some sites with Shareware games( and games not created by commercial soft). And this search also gave me nothing. Now I don't know anything else which may help me, and you.

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