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DOpus Magellan 2 Q's

Hi all!

I was wondering if there's any DOpus Mag 2 Gurus available,

question #1)

I want to keep browsing in the same lister, I have never known how to do this so I hope it is possible!

After installing newicons I would like to view them in my listers (rather than the dir as text) so I select VIEW AS: ICON ACTION / ALL.

Now in text mode you click a directory and in you go, you can go back and forward without heaps of windows appearing.. but in icon mode going in to a folder always opens a new window.. is there a setting for this? I cant see it in the manual?!

question #2)

This is something I have never understood, similar to question 1 this is about icons/opening filetypes. For example I have LHA files I can double click on when in a text-mode lister and the archive opens in a new window allowing me to view the contents of the archive.. in icon-mode double clicking the archive opens it for viewing as hex in multiview? argh!

But lets say in lister text-mode I double click a game icon and it asks for arguments for the game.. in icon mode it will just play the game??

Any idea / anyone with similar problems or is it just me?

Cheers for reading

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