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Old 19 December 2001, 21:47   #1
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It had fans and either a bubble or ballon

I was in work today.... board as usual and I started think about stuff then a game poppped into my head.

Its a game where you have to control either a bubble or a ballon (not sure what), you would do this by placing Fans on the screen that would blow the ballon/bubble about the screen.

I cant remeber wether it was a commerical or shareware/freeware game or if it was just sub game from a larger game.

Please help Im going crazy..........oh the pain.
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Nope it wasnt Bubble Ghost. Thanks for the try though.
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I remember it...but that's all !!! Sorry, can't say anything else !

But rest assured - if I think of anymore info I'll let you know.
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I think it might've been Bill's tomato game. Not a bubble or a balloon but a tomato.
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Old 19 December 2001, 23:08   #5
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Yeah, thanks man. That's the one I was thinking of. Will have to D/L cause I enjoyed playing that.
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Big grin

You da man Drake... You da man :haha :haha
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Yeah, great game!!

I was trying to think of the game I had with the fans, and just as I rememered it, I scrolled down and there it was

funnily enough, my Mum finished that game!!:laugh :laugh
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Old 20 December 2001, 02:31   #8
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Hehe, yeah, I finished that, too
But it wasn't that easy, although you get a password after each level ( there are 100, btw ! ).
Especially that in-between levels after each 10 levels where you have to climb a tree by stearing with the mouse get damn hard in the end !! I can remember I almost damaged the disk, computer and everything because I got so absolutely angry about it when you are almost on top of this fu%&ing tree and then some small crap pushes you to the ground again...
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Old 20 December 2001, 23:31   #9
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Can't Find a working version anywhere.The one i have cuts out after level 6-9. Any ideas?
Old 20 December 2001, 23:49   #10
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wow you got to level 6 im still on 4 .... I remeber why I never finished this game now, its just so damn annoying.....but fun.

If I was you I use the level codes, go to amigamos.com and use their cheat search.
Old 21 December 2001, 01:46   #11
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Incidently, Bill's Tomato Game is one of those games which has several different versions, each with their own set of level codes. So the codes you find might not work on the version you have .
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Old 21 December 2001, 09:35   #12
Tim Janssen
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Post Bill & Ted

This game always gets on my nerves. I am so bad at it. I have never made it past level 4 or 5 I think.
TikTok, you are right about the levelcodes. Many gamesmagazines published codes for Bill's Tomato Game but none of them worked with my version.

I remember the game's original name in the development-stage was Bill & Ted's Tomato game. It was intended to be a (non-related) sequel to Accolade's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Don't know whether this only is a rumour, though.
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Old 21 December 2001, 16:13   #13
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Looked at amigamos.com, but their last password is the one i'm stuck on, they have the codes for about 30 levels missing. Guess i'll have to keep looking, there must be a fault in this version
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Bills Tomato game is named after the programmer, Bill Pullen.

Nothing to do with Bill and Ted.

I have met Bill Pullen and the guy who wrote the protection system for the game.
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