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Old 10 December 2002, 04:49   #1

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Hi-score section

That's an idea I had once, but most people didn't like it. Well, here I am talking about it again.

Seeing the new, improved shmups forum (www.shmups.com) with its hi-score section, and seeing the Smidge level 1 competition thread, I say again:

Why don't we have a section for hi-score competition?

Yes, I know, we can easily cheat, most games are trained, etc etc. But ya know, it's working on the shmups forum based on trust. People know each other, so they know they won't cheat, they aren't even asking for a screenshot! There, you just say how many points you made, and that's good enough.

It makes sense, because after all, it's all for fun. There won't be prizes or anything. I doubt any regular here would cheat. And if someone does, Fred will take him to his torturing chamber

I think it could work just like in the shmups forum, someone makes a thread for a certain game, people post their scores for the game.
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Old 10 December 2002, 07:40   #2
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Hmm.... this is an good idea indeed.... /me wants hi-score section
Old 10 December 2002, 11:56   #3

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idea noted, may be coded when the admin slave (aka me) will have time
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Old 10 December 2002, 12:05   #4
RIP Friends
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RCK the admin slave --->
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Old 23 March 2003, 19:30   #5
Black Lives Matter

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Retrochat has a Hiscore screenshot sections as well.
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Old 29 March 2003, 03:44   #6
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...can I see an inter-board challenge coming up here!

The arcade at Retrochat is based on Flash games. Basically any flash came can be used provided the FLA source file is available as specific instructions need to be put into it.

Currently we have about 10 games so far and the list will go on. The arcade is actually designed for vBulletin so it should sit on this board quite well if the administratiors choose to do it.
Old 29 March 2003, 10:28   #7

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nice !
let me check this asap
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