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Smile Calculation of Amiga <-> PC transfer time


I'd like to find a formula how to calculate the transfer time needed to transfer a disk. But there's something I can't understand...

Theoretically, a disk transferred from Amiga to PC with 115200 bps SHOULD be transferred in 7.83 seconds, no?

The equation would be like:

115200 bytes / 1 sec = 901120 bytes / x sec

This would result in a transfer time of 7.83 seconds for x!
This would be a dream, but isn't realistic!
Where's the "bug" here?
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115200 is the max speed you'd be able to get it (provided the conditions were absolutely perfect)

Since there is no way of ever getting max speed, it will obviously take alot longer
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Oh yeah. One other thing

115200 bps refers to 115200 bits/sec (not bytes/sec)


115200/8 = 14400 bytes/sec (since there's 8 bits in a byte)

901120/14400 = 62.6 seconds

So. At max, you should get it in 62.6 seconds, but it's likely to take longer
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ARGH! I'm confusing bits with bytes and that happens to ME!
Shame on me :smileek
Shit, one more cup of coffee and I wouldn't have made this "absolute beginner" mistake ))
Thanks Amigaboy, for clearing this up.
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Yep yep, that's a confusing stuff going on with comm transfer rates. It was even worse when we used BAUDS

Anyway, Amigaboy's number is approximate. It takes about a bit more than a minute to transfer an ADF @ 115200 My lame, unmathematical calculation is this:

Transferring an ADF to an Amiga @ 115200 takes as much as transferring that ADF back to an Amiga disk (79 tracks 2 surfaces)

End of lame calculation
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