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Amix and the ReAmiga 3000 board

Hello Amixians,

My brother bought an Amiga3000 UX for college when they were new and for sale. Lucky for me, he held on to it. I've got it now, and through the years, the mobo was damaged by that darn battery...

I worked a deal with Chucky to get the parts from the mobo transferred to a ReAmiga 3000. It's a beautiful thing and boots AmigaOS 3.2 perfectly. Unfortunately, it does not boot AMIX.

Here are the error messages during boot (full picture of the stuck boot here):

a3019: 0x49 1 0x70EADC4
a3091: 0x85 3 0x70EADC4

The a3091 is a reference to the onboard SCSI controller.

I've read there are issues with memory size and the SCSI drive memory mapping, so I've removed 8 MB of fast with no luck.

I've been working with Chucky, and he said the only change to the A3000 motherboard is the addition of a ZIP to SIMM adapter.

While working on this problem, I've been able to set up AMIX on WinUAE with both the original boot disk and the AmigaUnix boot image.

This problem is outside of my technical knowledge, but I was going to start by adding more debug to the a3091 driver to understand the error better. Using the amigaunix hardfile with WinUAE I attempted to rebuild the kernel, but the process failed. I've worked with C code some but never built the AMIX kernel. What I did was cd to "/usr/sys/amiga" and execute "make" with this result:

So here are my questions:

1) Does Anyone have a suggestion on what the error might be?
2) Has anyone successfully installed the ZIP->SIMM adapter on an A3000 and used it with Amix?
3) Using the amigaunix website boot image has anyone been able to rebuild the kernel?

Thanks for the support!
Bill "tekmage" Borsari

PS, you can fix the keymapping for the amigaunix website boot image using the /usr/amiga/bin/amixadm and change the keymap to usa01!
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Wow, that is a nice project to work on... True vintage to play with!

I have never myself attempted to recompile the kernel itself and the error could mean anything to me from 'bad compiler version or install', 'wrong version of libraries', etc.

Maybe you can ask @Tahoe, I think he has quite some experience with AMIX and he also operates the 3000UX wiki...

Is the memory on the AA3000 board on the same addresses as on the original? I would think so but that would be the only think that comes to my mind. But it's a tricky OS and very tightly connected to the 3000 hardware, which is proven to be true again...

Did some more reading and AMIX is not open source, I'm pretty sure you will not be able to compile the kernel - which is most likely why the 'make' command fails.

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