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Amiga 600 w/4GB CF 1MB expansion + Accessories

Hey guys, I know I've just signed up and people are probably weary of me but I am a 100% legit seller. Before I even get started I just want to say I have an eBay profile with 100% positive feedback (link here: http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayIS...edbackAsSeller)

Note: This isn't an eBay listing, I'm just linking to my profile to prove 100% positive.

Boring part over, here's the Amiga I am interested in parting with.

Amiga 600 (unboxed) with little to no yellowing, although some of the keys have starting going.

1MB RAM expansion installed

4GB CF card installed with Workbench, tons of apps, games, WHDload etc. Cards kitted out like this set you back around £30-40 on eBay.

1GB CF card in a PCMCIA adapter
(I've not set this up to be used - and no EasyADF software is included so it will be up to you to get it working. I don't have time.) The 1GB card was installed in the Amiga when I got it so it has Workbench 2.x installed with WHDload and a few programs. Feel free to just wipe it and use it as a FAT16 card through the PCMCIA adapter or whatever!

A huge box full of floppies "sold as blanks".
There's around 15 unused Verbatim floppies in there as well. I'd estimate around 100-150 disks.

Amiga "tank mouse" in perfect condition

Zipstick in great working order.

6 button Megadrive/Genesis controller

Amiga power brick.

Composite cable.

Photos of everything here:

I won't mind listing it on eBay and doing the sale through there if it makes you feel more comfortable. Just let me know what you want! Be aware it will be a little bit more pricey to cover eBay fees...

I'm not looking to split any of this up, so don't ask if I'll sell one thing on its own. All or nothing. (Mind you, if you don't want the disks to save on postage I would exclude them from the sale.)

Make me an offer, reply to this thread, message me, whatever!

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It's listed on eBay. Feel free to close this moderators.

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