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View Poll Results: Which Alien Breed was the best?
Alien Breed 28 41.18%
Alien Breed II:The horror continues 6 8.82%
Alien Breed III:Tower Assault 24 35.29%
Alien Breed 3D 7 10.29%
Alien Breed 3D II 3 4.41%
Voters: 68. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06 June 2001, 05:22   #1
Got the fever back
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Which alien breed was the best?

For me, the first one will always be my favorite. The other felt like a big re-hash.. Thought the intro kicked butt too.. and the music was great.. definately one of my top 20 games.

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Old 06 June 2001, 07:36   #2
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Thumbs up Alien Breed (original) gets my thumbs up!

The original Alien Breed still has the best Aliens feel to it, you really feel like you're in a space station with aliens around each bend. The music, awesome. Graphics, superb. Too easy? Well I've played this game a lot and never finished it so either I'm not particularly good at this game or it's not as easy as people claim. All the others in the series were good but lost that feel, they felt more like your standard platform run-around-and-shoot-things affair. Alien Breed 3D was OK but a bit chunky. I would still rather play the original than any of the others to this day! Thumbs up to Team 17 anyway for a superb Amiga series!
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Old 06 June 2001, 09:58   #3
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Cool Alien Breed 3D

I think Alien Breed 3D captured the Doom-style gameplay superbly. The graphics and size of the screen were not great, but it had well designed levels and great shot-gun action.
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Old 06 June 2001, 10:19   #4

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my favorite is " Tower Assault ", maybe about all the nights me and my friends have played to this game (multi-player rules)
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Old 06 June 2001, 18:26   #5
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I choose Tower Assault myslef. I liked the multiple path option, and the retreat feature was a MUST taht should have been implemented before

The best female samples were in the original one, though

And I rather never look Alien Breed 3D. If it is a great game in 2D, why make a 3D travesty? Another example of companies trying to cash-in with graphics.

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Old 07 June 2001, 12:34   #6
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Big grin Tower Assault

I loved the retreat mode and multiple path idea in Tower Assault.

The Alien Breed series was a classic. It was a great idea to have a two player game where the two human players co-operated and the alien idea made it very atmospheric.

The improved graphics and multiple path made Tower Assault the best. It was great to get into one of the towers to find all the humans dead and the aliens still chewing on their bodies.

The retreat mode should have been added before because it was such a great feature. Deffinately something which demanded a two-button joystick.

I liked Alien Breed 3D but after playing the likes of Dark Forces (and it sequels), Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament etc on the PC I don't think I could go back to such a slow, chunky game on the Amiga. I tried to play Gloom a couple of months ago and I just couldn't do it, the graphics were appauling in comparrison to what I'm used to now.
Old 07 June 2001, 19:16   #7
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Two styles of game here, no?

Loved the original Alien Breed, often frantic finger blistering fun - then to wnadering through the mazes...

But I have a big soft spot for AB 3D, at a time when 3d games where developing it was actually playable with good design.

I know I did get stuck later on against some really evil critters with massive weapons for forearms & my lack of ammo. Never did go back, I tried the 9th level I think it was over and over: they always seems to kill me/leave me with no weaponry left!

I loved the touch with the "Beholders", a side affect of all my EOB playing
Old 09 June 2001, 18:25   #8
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Stick out tongue Can't decide really. Although I will point this out...

The only game out of that list that I own for my actual Amiga (A500) is Tower Assault, although I have played demos of Alien Breed 92 and Tower Assault before.

I've noticed you've missed out one other Alien Breed game: Alien Breed Special Edition '92! Isn't this different a lot from the original edition?
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Old 09 June 2001, 19:19   #9
Got the fever back
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Location: Toronto / Canada
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FOr the purposes of this poll its basically the same game. it has some extra levels and an intro..
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Old 16 November 2002, 06:39   #10

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Now thats what's go back to an old thread !

I voted for Tower Assault, because I loved the game become a more "adventure" game, got back the gore, and it has the very useful retreat feature.
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Old 16 November 2002, 12:00   #11
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I would have voted for Special Edition 92 but it wasn't an option IMHO it had the edge over the original, although I admit I didn't play that until much later.
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Old 16 November 2002, 12:27   #12
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Tower Assault for me guys. Excellent Stuff. Also AB3DII was very good...
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Old 16 November 2002, 15:02   #13
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Tower Assault, i've been playing that and Special edition on my CD32 all morning.
Old 16 November 2002, 15:41   #14
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AB:TA for me too
Old 16 November 2002, 16:52   #15
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The original for me!

I judged the game by which one I remebered happier times playing, and I think of the original before the others, and I think of events in the original, and those whacky cheats !!
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Old 16 November 2002, 17:04   #16
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Location: Stockholm/Sweden
Age: 43
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The original for me, I actually finished it a couple of times. You just have to memorize the maps and learn where to use the right keys. Great game really.

AB3D have got some great levels, it had transparent water that you could walk around in before Doom had it. Its been some time since I last played it but it was a solid game if you compared it to Doom, but yes the graphic sucks.

Tower assault is IMO to hard. Have anyone finished it without cheating? I hate when good games are too hard.
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Old 16 November 2002, 17:47   #17
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Tower Assault is the best version. I always remember playing it for hours on end on my CD32. Some of the movies were pretty good too!
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Old 16 November 2002, 17:50   #18
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Never really liked any of the series that much. The much-vaunted atmosphere didn't cut it for me. It came across as a clumsy pastiche of Aliens.

In defence of AB3D, though, it must be pointed out that the thing was designed for an incredibly low-spec machine. Same goes for Gloom. Doom has higher requirements, and has more detailed gfx as a result.

Slightly OT: Chicken and egg situation. Softcos presumably thought it pointless to develop games that required accelerated Amigas with extra mem, or even a graphics card, as the volume of sales would not justify it. Amiga gamers didn't have enough incentive to upgrade their 2MB machines en masse, as the games weren't there to take advantage of the extra power. By the time AB3D2 was released, Quake was out for PC, and the gap in typical system specs was well established.

How did the PC market manage the feat of making people upgrade in order to be able to play a game?
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Old 17 November 2002, 23:32   #19
Wannabe asm coder ;)

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hehe... i thought i was the only one who never liked alien breed... never really understood what all the fuss was about
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Old 18 November 2002, 14:59   #20
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I would have to say the first episode, only because all of the others came out after I had given up using computers because of work commitments.

I did manage to play Tower Assualt on a friends machine when it was released but it didn't really do much for me at the time because I wasn't into games at that stage.
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