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@TCD I'm not sure if I'll do any more on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if DomKid does


Latest experimental -

Amiga improvements:
- Backported slightly more optimal animated tile routine from Mega Drive port to Amiga.

Mega Drive improvements:
- Support for second player. Three-eight player support might come in future but that's a very low priority right now.
- Fixed bug where levels with multiple tile animations would be broken.
- Patterns are loaded with DMA transfers (with handling for any transfers that cross the 128KB threshold), also MDSSRV is configured with 100 bytes of DMA protection.
- Added support for camera "warp" function (as such, the vertical car demo should work on Mega Drive with some tweaking).
- Block and tile data is implode crunched (Slightly smaller ROM files).
- Some fixes for talkpad handling
- Slight tweak to scrolling for 240 tall mode

Universal improvements:
- New "control bits" codeblock contains the constants for all Amiga/CD32 and Mega Drive control buttons (excluding MD six button pad)
- Panels can be specified whether they are top, bottom or "fullscreen middle" panels. This isn't strictly enforced (eg, you can still load a "top panel" on the bottom if you wish), it's mostly because there's a plan to extend the panel system for use on things that aren't, strictly speaking, panels (eg, parallax backgrounds).
- As the "talkpad on bottom" setting is redundant, it's been removed.
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Latest experimental:

Amiga improvements:

- Added new "pause" default codeblock which will wait until the user presses the P key before resuming gameplay. Later on this will be expanded to support the CD32 Play button and the Mega Drive start button.

Mega Drive improvements:

- Some fixes for talkpad.
- Fix for bug where fullscreen element would blink on load.
- Added support for animated options.
- Play sound command should work with the trigger attack sound and trigger jump sound.

Universal improvements:

- Added ability to open/edit Open Image in editor.
- Some optimisations for panels (in particular, when two panel elements overlap, it only does the "clear" restore once rather than twice.)
- Destroyed actors no longer trigger a collision on the frame that they're destroyed.
- "Option move cooldown" is exposed to codeblocks. By default, it takes 25 frames before the option on a panel can be moved by a joystick held in one direction, this can be increased or decreased if need be.
- Bug fix with CPU_Wave type (specifically bug with setting move direction to upleft/up/upright)
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