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Wanted AGA capable FlickerFixer/ScanDoubler & A2091 Guru Adapter w/ROM

I'm looking to purchase a FlickerFixer/ScanDoubler for my Amiga 4000, so it needs to be AGA capable. I would much prefer a FF & RTG combo card like the Picasso IV or the Cybervision 64/3D, but just want a good FF/SD so I can get my 4000 up and running. The only one available new, at this time, is the Individual Computer's AGA MK2cr 4000/CD32, but the problem with that is they now only produce a DVI version. If I'm going to be putting it through a switch for an RTG I'm not sure I want to deal with the eventual signal loss. On my 2000 I'm already dealing with a barely tolerable signal loss putting my A2630 through a pass through cable to the Picasso II. When I add in even more cable and an adapter, I can only see the signal loss getting worse. An IC AGA 4000/CD32 with the VGA connector would probably be acceptable.

I'm also looking for a Guru ROM adapter & ROM chip (preferably the latest version,) for my A2091. It currently has the v6.6 ROM chips installed, so I'll need to upgrade it to v7 at the least. I'd prefer the Guru for the improved CD-Rom performance in WB 1.3 (v7 doesn't handle disk change well in 1.3.)

Thank you.


Did some research and came up with the following possibilities for the FF/SD. Please let me know if I'm wrong about any of these, or if there are other options.

  1. Video Magician (Bio-Con Taiwan Corp)
  2. ScanDoubler II (CompServ)
  3. Flicker Magic (DCE)
  4. Indivision AGA MK2cr 4000/CD32 (Individual Computers)
  5. ScanDubler (MicroniK)
  6. DblScan 4000 (Petsoff)
  7. CyberVision 64/3D (Phase 5 Digital Products)
  8. Picasso IV (Village Tronic)

There were actually more, but I removed the ones who's write ups stated specifically that they didn't perform any Flicker Fixing. Which actually disagrees with several places that stated that they were one and the same So, I guess I'm back to just looking for Flicker Fixers. In all honesty, I need a Scan Doubler, but I really want a flicker fixer as well. Most games don't use screen modes that require it, but a usable desktop (IMHO,) sort of does. For #4, I'd sort of like the non-cr version (with a VGA connector,) but will take what I can get.

Got a flicker Fixer on its way. It cost more than I really wanted, but I want to get my 4000 up and running. My 2000 is almost complete (just need the Guru adapter for that one.)

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If it helps I'm using the Indivision AGA Mk2cr on my A1200, with a little DVI to VGA adaptor sitting on it, and it's working perfectly - no issues with signal loss. Some piccies (sorry, taken with my phone) of the output on a 19" iiyama LCD.

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Wish I could change the title of the thread. Got the FF covered now. Only looking for a Guru adapter now. Sort of really want one of those. ROM 7 has issues I'd really rather not deal with. Mainly, the only CDFS I know of that works in WB 1.3 (BabelCDFS,) can't handle disk changes automatically with ROM v7, though it works fine with the Guru ROM. In WB 2.0+, I can set it to Poll the device instead of waiting for an interrupt, but I do a lot in WB 1.3 too, and having to open CLI and issue a "diskchange cd0:" command every time I put in a new CD/DVD is frustrating. Though, my main CDFS (AmiCDFS) for 2.1 has it's own problem I just discovered (that BableCDFS handles with flying colors.) That is, it can't seem to read DVDs. Oh well, there are plenty of options for 2.1 I can switch to. I'll try CacheCDFS next, or maybe one of the others.
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