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My Black A1200 (CDTV friendly) :-)

I have wanted a black 1200 for ages, but was always afraid of the 'painted' case look.I also didnt want to harm any CDTV keyboards apart from the fact it would cost too much to get my hands on one with the shipping etc.

The search started with good keyboard stickers, I think it was here on this site I spotted a link to 4keyboard which spurred me on.

I got black vinyl dye and after may coats and leaving it soak well into the plastic beween each coat, I ended up with this .

Keys like the tab key I am not fully happy with, and the Function keys just looked terrible with the stickers. The left shift key had to be cut, and I was in two minds how to deal with the Amiga keys. It looked marginally better with them covered

Its not my main 1200 (my main is shown in the peroxide thread), its just a 2B board with a 1MB sram card just for games that will play with that config. After buying whdload I just wanted something nice on which to play the games.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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That Black finish is truly AMAZING!!!!

If you used a vynil spray matt varnish on the keys, would it soak into the sticker making it darker and more inline with the plastic.

One of the hardest builds is a Black Amiga, mainly because BLACK doesn't transfer well to camera, the problem with Black is that all you see are the imperfections! its such a pity.

but in this.... that black is truely fantastic! just look at the space bar!!!!! that gentle texture on the A1200 chasis itself! amazing....

to help you take the next steps heres an nspirational pic.
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Thanks, yes I suppose the varnish would bring the look in line. The one thing I am not happy about is that the edges of the stickers are white where they were cut. Anyway here are a few more shots taken outside in better light.

Last one is my favourite shot
http://img41.imageshack.us/i/87161027.jpg/ Higher res if wanted
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That looks fantastic!!! I wonder how much prodding or how much we would have to commit to up front to get these keyboard decal makers to do an "Amiga" keyset?
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