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Picked up an Amiga A1200 yesterday from someone on Freecycle (for those that don't know, Freecycle is a free email group in your local area where people give away absolute rubbish, with the occasional gem).

Loads of original games, box of copied disks. So I started leafing through them having not bothered to bring the boxed A1200 in from the car. Noticing more and more than there was a load of music applications and samples (someone after my own heart) graphics utils etc. I was starting to believe this might not be a vanilla A1200. Had I got a result here?

Dragged it in, noticed the trapdoor was missing with anti static cover sellotaped over it. Removed it, expansion card. Get in!

Long story short, it's a full 020 running at 30mhz with FPU and 4mb of ram. I'm chuffed as since I gave away my 030 card many years ago to my brother (regretfully!) I've been using just a ram expansion. Sysinfo rates it as a touch faster than an A3000 030 25mhz.

Ok the A1200 does some funky flashing thing on bootup, hence my thread elsewhere. But I've got a load of games to sell on / give away, another A1200 as a spare and a lovely expansion card. All for free
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Thats very good, to be fair the previous owner probably had not touched it for years and did not value the item.

However it sounds like you very much love the machine and well done!

I got my first A1200 running this year, I never had the money in 1992/93 being a 12 year old but at least we had a A500+ but I always dreamed of an AGA machine.

If you stick a HD in there and get WHDload, it is a wondeful gaming machine still.
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Got a CF card running in another A1200 already for games, so this one will be fed another hard drive out of my selection and probably setup as an Octamed & music Amiga.

Need to get all my old tunes I made with my Yamaha SY85 synth working again. And then maybe work towards an AHX & Octamed full setup, something different.
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Old 20 October 2009, 12:18   #4
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If it's really @30MHz, it should probably be a 030; usually the 020 turbos ran @28 MHz.
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Out of interest, where are you and how did you find it? I am near Bristol and I find it a great bore to search through hundreds of irrelevant listings...
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Old 21 October 2009, 21:54   #6
I am an Amiga man.
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Jammy sod. Some guys have all the luck. Great spot mate.
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Old 22 October 2009, 20:27   #7
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Ha, well it's rare I have such a touch like that. But not complaining now

Skateblind, I just advertised on Freecycle as a wanted advert. Bosh, reply and 1 Amiga. I've now got 3 A1200s off Freecycle now. Although it's worked out at about 1 and a half due to non-working bits and pieces.
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