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36 Frames

It's not quite finished but close enough for now.

Just an experiment in looping. created for twitch brb screen.

36 frames, 32 colours. Dpaint V (Although Dpaint 3 would've done the job in this case)

I had to crop a little extra to get a proper 1080p scale.

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Wow love it! Reminds me of the old Lemmings animation with lots of things going on!
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Ha, ha lovely!!!
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Old 17 September 2020, 13:31   #5
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Amazing... love it, love it, love it.
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That's really nice. Reminds me of a puzzle I got as a present from my parents when I started to get interested in computers (something my parents couldn't understand). The puzzle showed the interior of a large computer with lots of tiny little men doing lots of stuff. It was called "The Computer Commuter". I would have preferred getting an actual computer but still liked the puzzle nonetheless.
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Old 17 September 2020, 15:49   #7
your average eccentric

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Lovely stuff. I see what the football player is kicking...
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Old 17 September 2020, 22:29   #9
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Amazing work, Love the style of this. Also looks so much more than 32 colours.

Now I'm wishing I could draw
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Into the Wonderful

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Very cool. Lots of detail and really well done.
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I've got a new byline

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Animating one sprite at once is a chore. This is pure insanity! I love it.
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