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Jack Tramiel and Lorraine

Old question is:

Does Jack Tramiel had any plans to build computer with Lorraine technology?

This is something that is often discussed in past 10+ years on internet.
I had similar discussion in thread: 3D in demos - F030 vs Amiga 1200 link
I open this thread to separate topics (if some moderator have time, he could move posts here).

I will replay here to pandy71s #146 post in next post.
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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
TTL is sourced as one of money donators for Amiga.
Side to this i've wrote - Atari (buying Atari assets, TTL bough Atari Amiga contract) was able to use Lorraine, later this was confirmed in lawsuit (Atari claim that chips (3) are ready and designed for Atari).
TTL is Tramel Technology, Ltd.

here is TTL history: http://mcurrent.name/atarihistory/tr...echnology.html

Where did you find information that TTL is donator to Amiga?
Can you provide links to transcript from lawsuit?

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
For me it is clear - Atari (and Tramiels) at this stage are aware of Amiga existence and they have knowledge abot Amiga (Lorraine) capabilities, they need to create own design in short time to be first o market (RBP)
Rock Bootom Price (RBP) was always Jack plan - to built successor to C64: cheap and powerful computer for masses.

You can read here: http://www.atarimagazines.com/startv...yearsofst.html

"Planning for what was to become the Atari ST began in late April and early May of 1984. The first step was when Jack Tramiel formed a small company called Tramiel Technology, Ltd. He then gradually began to bring together people from around the world, all ex-Commodore employees...

"What the product was going to be and what it looked like was already very clear in our minds," Shivji says in recalling that time. "The work had already started. We knew what we wanted in a computing engine, what we wanted in a user interface."

Shivji soon had a block diagram of the machine on paper, but a detailed schematic was still months away. At least three CPU chip sets were under consideration.

they never plan to built computer with Lorraine (aka Amiga) technology!

Beside, Jack Tramiel already saw Lorraine as many other tech. companies as Amiga team was trying to sell project to anyone (they were turned away by: HP, Silicon Graphics, Sony, Philips and Apple... as you could read at: http://books.google.rs/books?id=3FwG...sc=y#v=onepage)

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Well - this is problem, link have no end (only few pages available) - only part of story, side to this it shows point of view from one side - i would be not surprised if they not say everything as Commodore/Amiga people saying slightly different version.
and what Commodore/Amiga people saying? and who are sources?

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
If you are right then it is even more surprising why ST is so limited - why so inflexible display circuit was used ?!? (idea that ST was designed in rush, in situation where enemy competitor acquired superior technology can explain this rush - if this is not the case then sorry but i have no explanation).
Jack competitor primary was Apple Macintosh. Back in days ST was called Jackintosh by press.
ST was rushed, you can read inside story from one of the makers of TOS:
The Atari ST (part 1) | Dadhacker
The Atari ST, Part 2 | Dadhacker

and here you will also read that Jack had no plans for RBP computer with any Lorraine technology.
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