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The Oath - Amiga 500+ (Not Working)

Hi guys,

I have tried all adf versions of The Oath with A500+ Config in Winaue and they all fail to boot.

The ADF's I tried which failed to boot were...

\Tosec\Commodore Amiga - Games - Unofficial Addons & Patches
Oath, The - Trainer +12 (1991-11-06)(Energy)[req. VF version][boot disk]

Oath, The (1991)(Attic)[cr VF]
Oath, The (1991)(Attic)[cr VF][m highscore][t +38 LGD]
Oath, The (1991)(Attic)[cr VF][t +38 LGD]
Oath, The (1991)(Attic)[cr VF][t +38 LGD][b dump]

Amiga 2.3
Oath, The

Can anyone please fix an ADF for 500+ Compatibility please?
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Old 04 December 2021, 14:27   #2
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I have a cracked version which works perfectly on my A500 (not +), not sure what crack version it is without loading but It's on a real 3.5" disk, I could post you a copy if there's no other way (1 disk if I remember).
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Old 04 December 2021, 17:21   #3
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Problem here is a wrong support for KS2.0+.
Quickly fixed also for AGA machines (trainer menu was unusable) and no more video garbage during first load.

Into the Zone!
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Old 05 December 2021, 01:59   #4
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Thanks Ross,

Working perfectly on the 500+
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How cool is that, I just discovered this game! Pretty damn cool.
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