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Riot Retro Gaming

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Cool Arsewipe, Harkers, Venos


Has anybody seen these three audio PD demos?
My Dad had these on a single floppy disk that loaded and you press either 1, 2 or 3 to select which one you wanted.

He may still have it somewhere, but it's an ask for him these days.
If I get it I will share it.

1 - Arsewipe
2 - Harkers
3 - Venos

I think I can recite all of them!!

1 - Arsewipe:

Ever had diarrohea so bad, that what you thought was a fart wound up as a new pair of trousers? *fart sound* or ever had bog paper so thin your hand went straight through *rustle sound* and guy says "ahhh sh!t"...
WELL NOW THERE'S AN ANSWER, new super-absorbency Arsewipe - Arsewipe is a deep textured three-ply tissue that soaks up that runny diarrohea and gets round to the tiniest particle of clinka...
And Arsewipe's coating of soothing bum cream massages anal muscles that have been stretched to the limit *guy is screaming* by a bog rocking turd the size of a submarine *BAAAANGGGGG water sound* - so if you're full of sh!t, Arsewipe is here to wipe your cares away, and remember, next to Arsewipe everything is crap!!

2 - Harkers:

Heeeeyy! hurry down to Harker's halfway house sale - everything's slashed in half... groceries, electrical goods, fashion, men's wear - so if you want half of anything - a sock, a shoe, a trouser, a pant, a one and a half peace suite, then come down early tomorrow half past nine!

3 - Venos:

*Man coughing and wheezing* then *looped sound sample* A-COUGH, A-COUGH, A-COUGH, A-COUGH (made to sound like a constant f-off!!) A-COUGH mixture, it's got to be Venos, to sooth away that tickley cough *sample fades back in for a few seconds and finishes*

An amazing play on words these and are really, really funny!!!!

Correct me if I got anything wrong, that was in-grained from memory since I was 11, now 40 hahaha, yes we played it that much

I'll be so chuffed if somebody has this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What are you on about?
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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
What are you on about?
The last word can be omitted.
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Going nowhere

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Reminds me of Ooh its obscene by Anarchy I think, where they rang up people with prank phone calls and recorded the result, one of my first experiences of the demo scene
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[ Show youtube player ]
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I had the arsewipe intro on some demo disk, don't recall the other two though. I definately found arsewipe once while trawling through tosec disks, so its findable.
I always remembered it as "a bog blocking turd the size of a submarine", and the audio was really quiet as i recall...
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I do have and ADF of Arsewipe for what its worth.

Check the attachment
Attached Files
File Type: zip Arse Wipe (1988)(Hacktrick Cracking Crew)[XXX].zip (598.0 KB, 47 views)
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I'm not sure if its the same Arsewipe but I had a version as part of a Gorezone disk (Gorezone IV?) . I cant seem to find it in any collection atm.
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Is Arsewipe the sequel to $HitH@ppens?
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I have a few adf's of it from various sources.

One of them was a personal copy from back in the day when it was doing the rounds. Purile and childish, but still funny lol.
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