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Old 23 August 2007, 15:30   #201
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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Hey guys,

I received an email off Paul's mum a few days ago

Can't wait to see the font and plaque and have it permanently on view on EAB too for the world too see how special our friend was
Thats Wonderful Thanks for letting us all know Bippy
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Great news Bippy, please post the pics as soon as you can, thanks
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maybe we should have a member picture (2cv not allowed) section on this board
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That's great news! .

And nice of Patricia to keep us updated.
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Great news, thanks bippy.
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Old 23 August 2007, 20:52   #206
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Shocked. I’m truly shocked.

I sadly missed this thread and reading through has truly brought tears to my eyes. May I offer my deepest sympathies to Paul’s family and sincerest respect to those thoughtful members who’ve paid tribute to his contribution over the years.

Paul was one of the friendliest and most helpful forum members I’ve ever encountered. From the moment I joined EAB back in 2001, he was quick to make friends and always had positive input to offer whenever I required help or advice.

He never failed to bring a smile to my face with his cheerful avatars, colourful pictures and great sense of humour. This board has lost a great part of its soul now he’s no longer with us. It’s fitting that we have reminders of Paul’s green alien influence scattered throughout the EAB community and he’ll certainly be a member never to be forgotten.
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Old 03 September 2007, 20:36   #207
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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
Shocked. I’m truly shocked.
Me too, I also missed this thread

There's no doubt Paul was a total legend on this board and always will be. Always smiling even when people asked the same question over and over!

I didn't know him too well but he was obviously a top bloke!

R.I.P Buddy
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Old 22 November 2007, 18:16   #208
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Oh my God...my deepest condolences...only 26 years old...
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Old 13 January 2008, 06:44   #209
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I really don't know what to say. I was doing research on AROS which got me into the miggy mood and figured I'd check Paul's site to see if there have been any updates the past year (since I dabble with his classic workbench) and I find out this sad news.

I've been a member of EAB (although not too active the past few years) since almost the beginning and always found Paul to be informative, helpful and humorous.

I'm deeply saddened to hear of his passing and offer my condolences to Paul's family.

Take care Little Green Guy.
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Old 26 January 2008, 16:22   #210
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I never knew you, but thanks for your fantastic guides I've been using for the last few days.
RIP dude.
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Old 26 January 2008, 16:44   #211
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Originally Posted by Mangar View Post
I've been a member of EAB (although not too active the past few years) since almost the beginning and always found Paul to be informative, helpful and humorous.
HEY MANGAR, old chap
Remember the Arctic Fox discussion of yore?

Oh yes, well I do
Somewhat painful though to see you reappear on such a sad occasion
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Old 26 January 2008, 17:53   #212
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I'm new to this scene, but I find it tragic to hear about people dying so young. Especially a video game lover: we are so harmless and we require
a lot of time. This is not fair.

I hope that out there in the great Scheme of Things, there is way too much videogame playing fun to even start to think about resting in peace. I hope this man is having all the fun in the world.

I wish courage and happiness to the family who've been through this horrible loss. Who knows? Maybe they haven't lost him afterall, maybe he's just right up there in the stars, looking down from his ufo.

Good luck,

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Old 13 July 2008, 18:32   #213
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Im new to this forum but I have always loved my PCs, I didnt know Paul however someone recommended his site regarding the Amiga and I noticed a note up that he had passed away.

Im really really sorry to hear that Paul has passed away, looking at this thread and being new hear I can clearly see he was a valued member of the community.

I hope you don't mind me posting here its just anyone thats into there computers I see as a kindred spirit and going to his site which was helping me to get to grips with using the Amiga and then reading that hes passed away shocked me a bit and I am genuinely saddened , my sincere condolences go out to Pauls Family and Friends.

May he rest in Peace
God Bless
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Old 14 July 2008, 13:42   #214
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Sorry for stirring this up, but I just saw this post and understand Paul was a dear friend to the EAB, and so I would like to offer my condolences to his friends and his family.
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Old 15 July 2008, 03:01   #215
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Paul is a glaring void that will never be filled again here at EAB. Truly a wonderful person, I think I speak for everyone that he is still sorely missed after more than a year.
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Old 15 July 2008, 03:48   #216
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I honestly can't believe it's been a year already

Again, RIP Paul
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Old 20 July 2008, 15:48   #217
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Seems like he was here yesterday, so very sad
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Old 04 December 2008, 15:39   #218
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Wow....sorry to bring this thread up again, but let's count it as an homage, I'm sure most of you guys will agree, reading how beloved he was.

I'm a newbie on this board, and since the very first post, I still felt that spirit and energy coming out of my computer screen...I must admit, having been part of many online communities, that this one is definitely very special, strong, mature, and pretty much overwhelming to feel part of it. I've been welcomed like never before, honestly, you guys rock.

And then, after reading through a post, that included a link, that included a quote that included another link that linked to an image in another post, I ended up reading somewhere that Paul passed out.

W H A T?

The guy that got my WinUAE with WB3.1 running in no time thanks to his great guide/tutorial, the guy I even talked about in my very first post ever on this board, passed away more than a year ago? Feels super....strange. There's no word to express that feeling I guess.

So I ended up on this thread...great to see how beloved he was, so many nice words from everybody, and the interaction of his mother Patricia added to the deeply overwhelming feeling that this read gave me.

I met some of them personally, I've read or heard about others, but I'm amazed how dis...ehrm, DIFFERENTLY-abled (thanks Patricia ) individuals develop extreme skills, and a deep humanistic mind. These people mostly love others, and love to give what they're able to to people around them. That's great inspiration.

I'm sure you R.I.P. Paul, but let me add my very own drop to the ocean of love and support that you still receive today. That's too bad I didn't get to know you personnally, but I have to take the word of everybody and know you were a wonderful individual.

This definitely makes me want to spend more and more time on this board. Awesome community.

Guys, you rock!

-RIP Paul-
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Old 04 December 2008, 23:39   #219
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very sad news ,so sorry
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don't know, if there's any project on this but I thought it would be good if a Tribute site/database could be started for members like Paul. (to be honest I never knew him, but as every other members are mentioning him so warm feelings I can only respect his way guiding the others)
So can be done a Hall of Fame site for them? As I see many of this community's members are deserved already a place to be appreciated somehow.
Not only the "official" famous persons could be mentioned, like Jay M., or Fred F., but those who "grew up" from the end-user base, as HW modder, WHD installer creator, etc.
Or am I just knocking on an open door?
Sorry for the topic stealing if it is.

Thanks, Reynolds
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