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understanding HDF

I am confused. I created a path for a hardrive and I named C/Computers/Winuae/Leightons Harddrive1/System and another Hardrive in the same folder for Projects(work) and than I launched Winuae, I went to the HardDrives page create a 100 megabyte hardrive for Workbench and the instructions tell me to go to C:/computers/Winuae/Leightons HardDrive /System and I'm supposed to type in a name and save. But the only option I get is to open something and when I point to the folder it tells me there is nothing there to be save. I can't get the save function for anything in the Hardfiles section. Did Winuae change its methods? What am I confused about? Thanks for helping me? I am following Pauls Alien guide before he passed RIP.
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Do Different Amiga OS work better with a harddrive than others. In other words should I for example use a 3.1 wb disk rather than a 3.0. Things aren't matching to Paul's guide which I'm using could the OS have something to do with that?
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AFAIK nothing has changed in the way hardfiles are created. There were only a lot of options added to the settings window.

When you click on Add Hardfile, the Hardfile Settings window opens. This window has two sections. The upper section is for adding existing hardfiles to the config, the lower section (below the head line "New hard disk image file") is for creating new hardfiles. These sections are independent of each other.

To create a new hardfile, you first enter its size in megabytes into the input field next to "MB" in the lower section and then click on Create. When you click on Create, a file requester opens which is a save dialogue. So here you choose a path and file name where the new file should be created and click on Save.

Once it has been created you can add the hardfile to the config. To do this you go to the upper section and click on "..." next to the Path field. Now another file requester opens which you point to the new hardfile you created before.

Usage of hard disks in WinUAE is independent of the Amiga OS. There are some restrictions in 1.3 and beginning with 3.5 there are new drivers for large hard drives (> 4GB) included. But you asked for 3.0 vs. 3.1, there is no difference at all.
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