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Question ADF files not seen !!!!

I have used various versions of Winuae with no problems , now I have a new computer with Windows XP Home edition.

Winuae will load up fine but when I set up a configuration , it does not recognise the ADF file in the Floppy drive section , act as if there is nothing there , I have tried this on varoius versions.

Even tried pressing F 12 while the screen comes with the request to input floppy , and the floppy / adf file is there ????

any ideas ..
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Silly question, but have you made sure that the windows selection "Show all file types" has been selected?
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Old 29 October 2002, 02:23   #3
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ADF Files not seen !!!

Thamks but .. I will clarify more what I mean , the ADF files are stored on my PC hard drive, I can see them , add them to a configuration and when I look at the Floppy disk tab in Winuae they are there , but when I press OK with the configuration loaded , Winuae run as if there is nothing there ..

As stated I pressed F 12 and the Floppy disk Tab displays the ADF location and file .. but doesnt recognise when I press OK ?
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Which ADF is it? Can you upload it?
I know one Amiga "disk problem" by heart preventing the disk from booting: the LAMER! virus.
After inserting the disk, it loads a second, then you're back to Kickstart hand.
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Old 02 November 2002, 01:21   #5
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This is happening with all my ADF files , same thing .. interesting thoughts on a virus , don't know how to check for that with the emulator ? but one thing , I find that when I press OK with the config set , automatically the workbench screen appears ..

hmm .. cant see anything else I need to set .. , had no problems with the same roms etc .. with different machines and Winaue ..
Old 03 November 2002, 18:48   #6
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if i understood you right i know your problem, winuae sometimes ignores the floppys and simply boots from hd, don't know why...
so maybe deleting your hd drives helps.
Old 04 November 2002, 05:39   #7
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Interesting .. I haven't actually set-up my HD as yet .. was thinking trying it as an alternative to Floppies ( will have to figure it out ) .. have been away from this for around 2 years .. don't know as much with the changes over that period and anything else required when setting up the new versions of Winuae.

Will look into creating a HD .. any tips for that or something I have missed in set-up .. which may have changed over the last 2 years .. did look at the readme.txt files .. couldn't get to much from it .. regarding set-up .. or changes that would be required for set-up compared with versions of 2 years ago

Thanks ..
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Might be this...

... I have recently started copying all my old amiga software to .adf format, and I have noticed many of them won't load unless I restart WinUAE from scratch (that is, they are the first .adf used... resetting under F12 -> Misc then inserting a new one doesn't seem to work). Could that be your problem? If so, the only work around I have found is a fresh start....
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