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EAB/Lemon Super League 2020 Round 2: Cast Your Votes

Lemon/EAB Super League 2020 - Cast Your Votes

Magazine Round!

Vote for the game we will play in Round 2 of the 2020 Super League.
Voting starts now and will end Saturday 25th January 23:59pm UK Time.
Vote for 5 games, rank them 1-5, 1 being highest.
Your first choice gets 5 points, second 4pts, third 3pts, fourth 2pts, fifth 1pt.
Remember to choose games suitable for competition play.
If in doubt, ask in the thread or contact a Moderator before you vote.
The winner of Round 1 will get double voting power for this vote.
Edited votes will be discounted - so think before you post.
Tactical or nosey voters can see the Lemon voting thread HERE.

This is the first theme round of the season. You can only vote for games within the specified subject. In this round, we are playing suitable games that were reviewed in June, July and August 1990 of CU Amiga magazine. This covers full-price and Public Domain games, but no re-releases/budget games, "classic tests" or AGA-conversions of OCS/ECS-titles.

You can see the index of reviews for these magazine on AMR here (excluding PD games which are listed in the 'Other' tab) - June 90, July 90, August 90.

Here's the full list of eligible games that can be voted for:

June 1990
Champions of Krynn [??]
Chronoquest 2
Fire and Brimstone
International 3D Tennis
Italy 1990
Leisure Suit Larry 3 [??]
Resolution 101
Wipe Out

July 1990
Combo Racer
Dynasty Wars
Falcon Mission Disk Volume 2: Operation Firefight [??]
Federation Quest 1: B.S.S. Jane Seymour
Flimbo's Quest
Ghosts 'N Goblins
Manhunter 2: San Francisco [??]
The Plague
Rorke's Drift
Turn It

August 1990
Back to the Future Part 2
Bomber Bob
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Hero's Quest: So You Want to be a Hero [??]
Khalaan [??]
Kick Off 2
Shadow Warriors
Starblade [??]
Venus the Flytrap

Not Suitable:
Jumping Jack'son
Midnight Resistance

If a game comes in OCS/ECS and AGA versions, please state your preference in your vote. In the event the versions differ gameplay-wise, the version with most votes will be played. ECS is the default if you don't specify.

Bugged Games:
If you know of any games with nasty bugs that could mess up a competition, please get in touch with one of the moderators. Either lifeschool, John4p or Graham Humphrey.

Everyone is welcome to play, vote, and chat at any time

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1. flood
2. impossamole
3. turrican
4. unreal
5. ghosts'n goblins
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1. Leisure Suit Larry 3 Er, I'll just play that one on my own...

1. Venus
2. Fire and Brimstone
3. Unreal
4. Ghosts 'N Goblins
5. Turrican
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1. Turrican
2. Venus the Flytrap
3. Projectyle
4. Unreal
5. Flood
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Originally Posted by arcanist View Post
1. Leisure Suit Larry 3 Er, I'll just play that one on my own...
Ha ha. I think there is a scoring system in the game, but players could just follow a walkthru or longplay and solve the whole thing, so no point really.

There are quite a few interesting contenders. Surprisingly there is a lot of love for Ghosts N Goblins, and also for the very similar Fire and Brimstone. Do we get to see Turrican or Unreal, Kick Off 2, or my favourite Impossamole, being played in our 10 years compo for the very first time??

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Voting over!

Round 2 voting:
  1. Turrican 19***+3+5
  2. Kick Off 2 18***
  3. Ghosts 'n Goblins 17*+1+4
  4. Unreal 15+2
  5. Flood 10*+5
  6. Blockout 15*
  7. Venus the Flytrap 14*
  8. Impossamole 10+4
  9. Fire and Brimstone 13
  10. Dynasty Wars 7+3
  11. Combo Racer 5*
  12. Projectyle 4

* = first place votes.
+ Malkos votes
+ Johns votes

So if things end where they stand at the moment, Turrican would win the vote.

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