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A3000 won't boot, i think the drive is dead

I haven't touched an amiga in years so I don't remember how to do any of this.

Recently picked up an A3000. It has the 3.1 rom. Dual hard drives inside the chassis. Was working fine for the week or so that I've had it, then it started not booting.

it would turn on, but no display no sound, no nothing.

I crack the chassis open and if I unplug the data cable from the last hard drive in the chain. Machine will now boot - at least off the floppy. If i pop in a game or something it'll boot.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there anything I can do besides replace the drive?

If I do replace the drive, does anyone know whats the largest drive the 3000 can address? Most drives i see are UW scsci - will they work with an adapter?

Finally can someone point me to an online tutorial for initializing a new drive with workbench and everything? The last amiga I owned years ago was a 500 with no hard drive... All i remember from that era was sys.com and fdisk - but that was all MSDOS.

picture of the drive configuration:

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Hm, if you have the hard drives plugged in and wait for about a minute, will it eventually boot?

If it does boot, try holding both mouse buttons down while you wait, then see if either of your HDs show up in the early startup menu.

With directscsi, you can go to large disks, but RAM becomes a problem the bigger your filesystems are. I recommend PFS3AIO if you are in the gigabyte range. The max partition size is a bit over 100GB in any case, that's a lot for Amiga use..

UW SCSI works with an adapter. Terminate the cable, not the drives.

Don't have a tutorial link handy. It involves having the 3.1 install disk handy, booting off that and starting hdtoolbox from the hdtools directory.
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