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What was your "Whoa s**t!" moment?

I was looking back through some old magazines and came across an advertisement for DigiPaint and it took me back to when I saw first used the programme in `87/`88, what comes back to me was just thinking "Whoa s**t! This can`t be happening on my computer?!", it was so unbelievable to me that a home computer could display graphics like this AND you could alter them and make new graphics. It was when I felt the Amiga really was something way beyond what had come before. What software on the Amiga made you think, wow I have never seen this before?
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For me it was ProTracker.
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The Walker demo, 1988, by Imaginetics.
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Seeing Defender of the Crown screenshot in the ACE mag, and Lost Patrol's digi movie sequences at a local computer fair.

When I finally got an Amiga, F29 Retaliator. Fast 3D, oh my!
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Fiery Phoenix
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Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
Seeing Defender of the Crown screenshot
Probably this - the one with the catapult in front of the castle. The Pawn as well - all around that same period
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The intro for Shadow of the Beast II, after having a ZX Spectrum:

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Probably Another World or Wrath of The Demon's intro: [ Show youtube player ]
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It has to be the juggler demo for me. I thought I was seeing some sort of magic. Not long after that was seeing the Defender of the Crown demos running in the shops.
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Into the Wonderful
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Probably the intro to Another World.
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Originally Posted by CodyJarrett View Post
The intro for Shadow of the Beast II, after having a ZX Spectrum:

Must admit, even though the intro technically is simplistic beyond belief, it was the atmosphere and the attention to detail that caused me and a friend to watch it about 5 times before we even bothered to play the game.

Psygnosis knew the power of something attention grabbing
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Blood Money intro when those meteroites bounced off the screen I though was superb.
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Lotus II intro probably.
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Lotus II intro probably.
Same for me. Saw my first Amiga at my uncles house. Was on a huge (for the time) TV with the sound through his proper separates hi-fi system - epic.
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Lemon. / Core Design

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Reading about Marble Madness in a german home computer magazine called "Happy Computer" in 1986.

Those screenshots were like something from a different planet back then.

And the second time I had that effect was when watching the "Wild Copper" demo in a local computer store.

Was the first real demo I saw, I think.

I had seen Intros and demos before, but this was on a whole different level.

Crazy times.
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One moment I still remember aged 8 or 9 going to a local kid's house who was selling a whole load of C64 tapes off cheap as he'd moved on to an Amiga. This was playing in the background and I couldn't keep my eyes and ears off it:

[ Show youtube player ]
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First moment was seeing the juggler demo in the store.

Second moment I remember vividly was watching the Enigma demo for the first time.. my mind was completely blown by the tv-box effect (and the rest of the demo as well). At that point I had started taking my first wobbly steps towards demo programming, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was magic to me.

[ Show youtube player ]
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For me it wasn't on the Amiga. I never had a windows machine < 98me, but at some point i got my hands on a Nintendo64. Only knowing Amiga and snes games Mario64 and Mariokart really blew me away.
Decided to get a gaming pc after that.
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Just now after working out how much I have spent on Amiga kit in the last 6 weeks....

But previous to that there were many moments, FA18 Interceptor in a shop window in Germany in 88/89, seeing an animated Starwars AT-AT in an Amiga demo at a computer show in London in the late 80's when I was an ST owner still flash into my mind now and again.

And anything that scrolled smoothly! After a Spectrum and ST that was new
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Hearing the "World of Wonders...ahahaha" sample on the Dungeon Master crack, when I owned an Atari ST at the time which could only go BEEP! :P
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