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What graphics cards work with X11R5 in Amiga Unix?

I am in the market for a RTG graphics card for my A2000 Amix Box. I have an Ingenieur Helfrich Piccolo that works on my A3000 box just fine at 1152x900_60 - I believe in 256 colors. If I push the resolution higher then than, the screen seems to behave like an interlaced screen (probably poor refresh rate).

I have a Merlin - which seems to be referenced at the Unofficial Amiga Unix page as workable, but mine was never updated and just crashes. Wondering if it would be a good graphics card if fixed, or if I'm better just looking for another card.

From what I've read, Picasso II works, but what about Picasso II+ or Picasso IV?

There was a post that said that the Piccolo SD64 didn't work, but I take some reports of "didn't work" with a grain of salt, as it is easier to have something not work due to a bad config vs finally getting something to work.

So I'm wondering what do others have experience getting working - preferably first hand knowledge. Also, how hard have you pushed it comfortably?


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I have an A2410 in the UX that I have partly assembled. I got it because it was the card made for the UX. I have no idea how well it is going to work.
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After performing the bus fix to my Merlin, it now works in X. I had to do some mode line timing adjustments to display nicely with my LCD monitor, but it works as well as my Piccolo.

So here's the info we have thus far:

Under X11R5 installations with SVGA driver:

Personal experience:
Ingenieur Helfrich Piccolo at 1152x900 60 Hz x 256 colors
Xpert Merlin at 1152x900 60 Hz x 256 colors
I could push the cards to higher resolutions, but those were interlaced and were hard to read on my LCD. Don't know if it's possible to push the cards harder at higher resolutions progressive scan.

From FsUAE and others experience
Picasso II works.
Not sure about resolutions.

and solely from within FsUAE
Picasso II+ works
Not sure about resolutions.

From Commodore Literature / Others Experience
We know the Commodore A2410 card works in X11R4, but don't know about X11R5.

Anyone else have anything to add?
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Anybody tried Matze's Picasso II+ reproduction?

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I've tested with GVP Spectrum 24 (Zorro II mode). It shows only a pink screen in xwin. In Winuae emulating Spectrum 24 (zorro ii) it works, booting the same CF-card disk as on my Amiga 3000. Strange thing.
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As you know, I got the Piccolo to work and the Lowell/A2410 is known to work too (although I haven't tested that myself). From mackbw's post in 2016, it looks like he got the Merlin working too.

I don't know if anyone else has tried the Spectrum though
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