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Perhaps Windoze is garbage to some and not others. It can do some things quite well and can really stumble with other tasks. I'm an officianado on many different OS's as I have had and still own quite a few machines, this does include a Powercenter 150, a MAC clone from Power Computing. I run OS9.x and it seems pretty good. Since the machine will not support OS X, I will have to wait until I get a cheap iMAC or Powerbook and install it there instead. Yes I do own a copy of OS X as it comes with the OS9 CD too and I'll use the OS X sometime later.

But if we really want to rank on *all* OS's, then I would think that the Amiga OS is at the top of the heap while everthing else pales in comparison, too bad it was the Studebaker of all operating systems, too far ahead of it's time and those so called idiots that ran CBM into the ground.
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