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Hey, besides, I have a few archie games (especially nevryon and technodream) which are great shooters and I plan to buy the starfighter 3000 CD (although knowing the fact that I already have that game for PC (which is a port of the 3DO version with more efficient graphics) in my opinion I Shouldn't be required to pay again for this soft (I like the old graphs of the old archie version, though).

Although There is one game I would like to have an ADF of (archimedes disk file): It's an elite like game called aldebaran. Some persons claim to still sell it an outragous 28 pounds but when I got on there pay site there was no pay protection (vade retro!!!!). So if anyone knows were to find a full ADF of this one (any link including torrents), please tell me or PM me.

thanks for your advice.

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