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Dear FrodeSolheim and other developers,

For ages I have been struggling with Amiga emulation on the Mac when it comes to Midi. I have made countless semi-professional midi-only songs with Octamed and would like to rework them. But it just doesn't work via Parallels, MED Soundstudio or OctaMED via WinUAE. I do get the songs to play via Midi over LAN but there are always note dropouts and my synthesizer does not accept the transfer of sysex dumps in this way at all. There are hails of errors. I do have the option of transferring the dumps directly from the Mac, but that is incredibly inconvenient. It would be much easier if FS-UAE on the Mac supported mid. Then OctaMED on the emulated Mac could communicate directly with the Mac midi interface. I'm sure everything would work very well then. I know when I had a Windows machine, everything worked very well with WinUAE.

I have read that with FS-UAE version 4 there will finally be midi support. So I was wondering if I could get a pre-release version for the Mac to try it out?

I would be really very grateful for help!

BR Alex
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