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Its just the impression i got based on the games i looked at. I'm happy to concede theres more on HOL than Lemon, not that its a competition i'm sure.

I can give you a short list of games i looked at but i guess its just a coincidence that the ones i did look at generally had fewer images. More obscure rarer games i guess.

In fact. No need. I see now it was just a case of "missing the extra pics" button, which i why i asked that question. I see now a tab for "Screenshot", and the first one i double checked, Act Of War, has 4 images not just 2. I think i was expecting a line of pics like Lemons pages, but only ever seeing 2 in the top section... Also upon clicking those intial two, i expected to scroll through others, but there never were any others.

If i could make a suggestion based on my experience here, an arrow at either end of the 2 initial pics to scroll to any others would be nice.

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